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Strategic Tank Armored Carrier

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I vastly improved my old STAC. I've been wanting to do this for a while, so I greebled the sides, improved the interior, and changed it around a bit.



The Strategic Tank Armored Carrier was a heavy transport used by the 222nd legion during the Clone Wars. It's weopontry featured three heavy cannons, and four light gernade launchers. The STAC was the predecessor to the UT-AT.

However, though heavily armed, STAC's were designed primarily for transporting infantry. The sides of the STAC's troop bay open up with ease, and four troopers on each side can be deployed into the battlefield. In the middle of the bay, there is space for four officers. Including crew, a total of fourteen troopers can fit into the STAC.


Flickr Set

Flickr Slideshow

Top view (normal)

Top View (Side pannels opening)

Top View (Top opening)

Top View (All opened)

Troop cabin view

Front End with rear opened up

Front End all opened up

Back end

Brickshelf gallery

Enjoy! Please comment!

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It reminds me of a 40k marine landraider.

i like it, good job

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I like it alot. The pyramid profile in the front and the jutted, slanted sides in the troop carrier do it for me. Since its a hovering tank, basically, areodynamics dont matter that much. I quite like it.

I just wish I didnt have to click every link to look at it (omg so hard |-/ ) but sadly enough I think thats a reason why people havent commented much on this great model - they just haven't seen many of the pictures! 8-

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