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1 hour ago, dgunn92129 said:

Thank you

How do I post to Buy Sell Trade please advise thank you

You can't post there until you have 10 posts, I think. Sorry.

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14 hours ago, dgunn92129 said:

Hello can anyone please tell me how I can buy New Legos in bulk from Germany I live in the USA, thank you


13 hours ago, letsbuild said:

This topic belongs in the Buy, Sell, Trade, and Finds Forum.

As dgunn92129 does not have any any posts yet (posts in Community don't count towards your post count) this topic is staying here, and if anyone would like to help this new member, please feel free to do so.

dgunn92129, I don't quite understand why you specifically want to by new LEGO from Germany in bulk. Do you mean parts? Or sets? If it's parts you're after, then BrickLink proves popular, and you'll find many BrickLink stores in Germany who sell a variety of parts (both new and used), but it really depends on what exactly you're looking for. There are places all around the world that sell LEGO, so I'm finding it tricky to help you out without knowing what you're really looking for. Maybe another member will have some other ideas. Good luck. :classic: 

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