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RPS - Mockingbird

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2 stubby wings, 2 killer thrusters, no landing gear and 2 ornamental lasers makes the 'Mockingbird' one of the cutest and least practical starfighters ever to leave the shipyards. Why should you invest in one? no idea. should you anyway? yes you should.

First build of the year! yes the white stripe came from a lego sticker sheet :p a potential entry in my local lugs "spaceship SaceShip! SPACESHIP!?!" contest coming up, though I hve another one in the works that may take its place... 
Not really sure what I was doing with the presentation but it kinda looks nifty? I might change it if I decide I dislike it all of a sudden.



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Ornamental lasers? No landing gear? I'm guessing it's a one-way trip for this fellow.

Seriously though, cute as a button. Chubby, but kinda sleek too. Like if you put rocket boosters on a hedgehog.

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