42063 BMW modified to a Dakar Race Bike

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BMW 42063 Dakar Race Bike


First, thanks to LEGO and BMW giving me a great basis for developing this bike.

 As always with race bikes, this is not only a modified version, it’s definitely a complete new bike.

 And of course: You cannot buy this bike, it’s a race bike.

There is only one bike produced, especially for me to win the Dakar :-)


Let’s go to the key facts:


Motor: Four cylinder 180 degree V

New cylinder head

Two studs narrower

Frame: New geometry

              Reduced distance between the undersides of motor to the upside of the tank

              Massive improved ground clearance

Suspension:    Rear:

More travel: 4.5 studs

                          Better spring angle, smoother


                          Travel improved to 3 studs!

                           New (worldwide first) spring linkage gives fantastic bike control

Exhaust: Complete new

                Dual pipe, fixed (of course) with the frame (not with the swing arm)

                Quad outlets with yellow cross axle fire coming out ;-)

Handlebar: Grip, position and new mounting

Tank: Two additional rear side tanks positioned near the centre of gravity

Optics: Shorter rear with red (not white – what’s up with you LEGO?) taillights

Weight: Reduction through elimination of some parts

Some other minor changes…


So come on!

Show me what you can offer to beat me!

But I must say:

On the Dakar 2017 you will definitely eat my dust!

And this is the last time you will see this bike (except the red tail lights) J


Have fun racing!


Thanks for watching! 

(FLOGO: happy like 25 years ago when he drove his first dirt bike…)


Some pics:

31249046953_a6858eef12_o.jpgSS854484 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr
31218741004_f7abbd0318_o.jpgSS854486 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr
32059966265_159be2887f_o.jpgSS854490 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr
32059954995_4f9a662edb_o.jpgSS854489 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr
31942007701_2615e61c55_o.jpgSS854491 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr
31685003390_430cc9a036_o.jpgSS854493 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr

Testing hard:

32059993965_ae6f206cee_o.gifanimated 1 by LOGOOGOL, auf Flickr


Parts used: 42063 +

Motor parts for 2 cylinders with fan

Exhaust parts

5 x ½ L liftarm 2x

6 x ½ L liftarm 2x

2 x ½ L liftarm 4x

             10L axle 2x

Pin pin perpendicular pin pin axlehole 2x (strange part for the cylinder head)

             and maybe some extra pins/connectors


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Nice! Your bike looks very light - like a racing bike should!

I've got the BMW sitting on the table next to me, ready to be built. I couldn't really tell from the box whether the B-model is worth bothering with, it looks a little weird! Have you tried that one? 


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It's built! I like the front fork with the double wishbone, and the way the rear linkage is built. The cases on the back actually open, nice touch! It's not a perfect replica of the real thing, nor does it beat 8051 in my personal opinion, but I had a lot of fun building it and I'm glad it joins the garage. :) 

Time lapse of the build (15 seconds)



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