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[O - F09] The Most Dangerous Game

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Location: F09 - Arium Minor

Tags: Civil, Building

Aketi Outpost, 3800 AD. Milky Way Galaxy.

The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game

The top floor of Octansoft Corporation's new headquarters.

The Most Dangerous Game

President Business: "Jebediah, how good to see you. Especially considering last time you were trying to kill me!"

Jebediah: "You were never in any danger. I only had to convince my father you were dead. By the time he discovers my deception it will be far too late for the Head."

President Business: "Yes, let's get down to business. Haha, business. Gets me every time. Anyways, when we last parted, I believe I made you a deal."

The Most Dangerous Game

Jebediah: "Yes, yes we did. I refrain from killing you- I tell you everything about my fathers organization- you dismantle them and secure me a legitimate job within the Octan corporation. I'm done with the lies, the deception, the killing. I want out."

Business: "I am a man of my word and I will get you out. Tell me about the Head."

Jebediah: "I was born into it, indoctrinated. My father believes minifigure-kind is ruining our galaxy and the only way to prevent it is to fight fire with fire. I agreed with him, until recently."

Business: "What happened?"

Jebediah: "I killed a woman named Mrs. Long. She worked for Explorien. She was spearheading a project called the Axis, to explore the new Andromeda galaxy. She had really done nothing wrong. She was a woman with a vision. My father told me she destroyed planets for her project. She was getting what she deserved..."

"...I looked into her file afterwards. She had a husband and two children. What my father told me was a lie. We killed her to block the impending merger. So what? The death of one scientist won't delay that more than a few months. What will her family do? What will Explorien do? Her death accomplished nothing- nothing except for pain and suffering. What about the other people on that platform? I will never know their story and I don't really want to."

Business: "Go on."

Jebediah: "I went back through my own past. I looked at the files of the countless people we've killed. The majority just like Mrs. Long, simple people trying to forge an existence in this crazy world. They did nothing wrong except cross the path of my father. He psychotic. Some of them might have deserved it. But that's not our call to make. My father lied to me, time and time again- he would tell me about a greater purpose, the good we would accomplish. I was young and foolish. I believed him. He used me, manipulated me- and I'm going to bring it down on his head."

Business: "What do you need me to do?"

Jebediah: "The Head is meeting at a warehouse on the river next week to discuss the results of the Senate's session on the merger. Take them out. I know Octan isn't the "nice" company you claim- throw them in jail to rot forever, kill them- I don't care. I don't want to know. They've caused too much suffering to hang around."

The Most Dangerous Game

Business: "It will be done. I will agree the Head has been a thorn in the side of this fair galaxy for too long."

Jebediah: "Thank you. About my job...?"

Business: "Yes. After the Explorien merger passes, and it will pass, do not worry, we must make preparations to move into the Andromeda galaxy. I want you to lead the Special Forces divisions.  It would be a waste of your abilities to have you sitting behind a desk."

Jebediah: "Special Forces...? Are you sure? I won't kill. No more killing. I made a promise. I'm out."

Business: *pauses* "Of course. Octan would never ask our employees to do anything they're uncomfortable with."

Jebediah: "I appreciate it."

The Most Dangerous Game

Business: "You'll have to undergo a physical before your position is finalized. Standard procedure."

Jebediah: "Of course."

**once Jebediah has left**

The Most Dangerous Game

Business: "Bob Sr, please make a note in the man who just left's file about his physical. I want the selective memory machine hooked up, codename EAGLE I think, ready to go. Don't inform the patient. I'll undersee the procedure myself."

Bob Sr: "Of course."

The Most Dangerous Game


C&C welcome! I hope the story makes sense, shoot me a PM or leave a comment if there's any holes or mistakes. DLL and I posted the first part of this arc a loooooonnnng time ago. :look:


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Nice build! I'm a sucker for a good miniscale exterior. :thumbup:

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