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[K-A04] Finally cracked

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Location: A04
Tags: Spaceship, Exploration

On a Dust Demo ship on Mynderis.

This story continues right after the second part of Reporting in so the inside scenes are the same and should not be judged.


30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg Wait! She had armor on! Maybe she survived the explosion. Raven could be alive!
19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg No, no. The autopsy report we stole say the armor at most made her die slower. She was probably in agony for several minutes before finally passing away.
30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg Good, good. But I still want some kind of prof. Find that armor, or even better, the coffin she was spaced in.


Some time later they locate and retrieve the helmet.

Then comes an unexpected announcement.

19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg We have finally cracked it!
30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg What?
19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg The data we got from Raven’s computer. We managed to decrypt it.
30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg Anything good?
19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg Huum, lets see… It look like she didn’t keep anything personal on her work computer. We have travel logs, schedules and appointment logs. Here's a company finance record. Oh, she had over 2500 credits…
30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg That spoiled rich bitch.
19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg It look like she didn’t buy much. There’s only one purchase here. A Raven model love bot?

30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg Woo. Talk about narcissism. She probably had it made so she could get one herself.
19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg She also owned an apartment in the Kobayasi tower. According to the travel logs she didn’t use it much. She spent a weekend there before the attack.
30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg I want to buy that apartment… and trash it.
19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg Don’t you think you are obsessing too much about this? She’s dead. Forget her and get on with your life.
30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg Lets see how much it cost. I might have to use MANTIS founds but it will be worth it.
19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg Please stop. This have gone on long enough. You need help.
30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg It’s not for sale! Kawashita still owns it. Why aren’t they selling it!?
19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg Relax. I’m sure there’s a…
30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg What if she’s still alive? She could be living in a luxurious apartment right under my nose. Laughing at me!
19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg Now you are overreacting...
30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg No! Send a spy over there immediately I must know.


Sorry for the lack of internal pictures but I’m not home (therefor the digital build)

Some more renders:





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Very nice build. I'm curious though, is it LDD? It looks rendered but I'm not 100% sure.

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