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[SR-Freebuild Dec] The Parched Pirate

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After killing the Fang family, Sinbad spent the next few weeks traveling from port to port gathering news. He didn't return to The Viper right away because he wasn't sure how he'd be received. He knew Li Fang hadn't been loved by his crew, but neither was he. So instead he traveled from tavern to tavern listening to the sailor's stories.

BoBS Backstory

He heard that instead of pursing him, the crew of The Viper actually ignored him. They just continued to patrol the seas for prizes. So Sinbad decided to try to join another crew. He wanted to join one that was making a difference in showing the nations that their rules were only shackling their people and that the Sea Rats freedom was the way to go.

BoBS Backstory

So he arranged a meeting with Captain Zheng who agreed to take him on as part of his crew.

The Parched Pirate

"I've heard of your exploits" the captain said, "How you killed the mutineers and then turned on your captain yourself. How can I trust you to act differently on my crew?"

"Are you saying you don't want me to stop a mutiny if it should happen on your ship?" retorted Sinbad.

"Don't play coy with me boy" answered Zheng. "I'm not like your last captain, willing to take insults from his crew. You know what I'm asking so give me the answer."

Sinbad had already been able to tell Zheng and Fang were as different as night and day. Fang had been fearful and always trying to prove himself. Zheng was confident and self-aware. He answered the captain, "Sir, when I killed the mutineers it was because they only cared for themselves and not for the rest of their crew or their captain. When I killed my captain after I had exhausted all other options. He was so obsessed with himself he had stopped caring for his crew. I've heard enough about you to know you will never put me in that kind of a situation."

And so Sinbad's career as one of Zheng's crew began.

The Parched Pirate



OoC: The Parched Pirate will be licensed as a small tavern.

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The ship is very impressive, as is the list preceding your actual post. You're getting quite the story, keep it up!

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4 hours ago, Captain Braunsfeld said:

Fine - where is Zheng's hat coming from?


The pirate pig from Angry Birds

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The ship builds are great, and tavern has great character. Very good use of dark brown and those braced support pieces. Well done! :thumbup:

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