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Professor Thaum

[O - G09] Thread Weaving

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LOCATION : Crofter's Ridge G09

Tags : Octan, Science, Civilian building, SPIDER

On board the O.C.S. Axle cruising among Octan Fleet in orbit around Crofter's Ridge.


gjgr.jpg : Since weeks I am lost in this tentacular ship, Ok Octan security is a joke, I could rest, sleep, almost in every empty room, eat in several different canteen without catching any attention... but time is running out and at last I've found it !!

The professor Thaum's Lab is just behind this door. The mission is going to succeed.




gjgr.jpg: Here I am ! now find the files and extraction.


gjgr.jpg : Somethingf is wrong... this lab is in trompe-l'oeil style, this can be the real prof's lab...


gjgr.jpg : There must be a secret door, a secret switch, or something this kind. Ah, I think I have found...


gjgr.jpg : Open Sesame...


gjgr.jpg : Gnerk gnerk gnerk, here I am... the lab !


<loud fall sound>

Blink blank Krashhh

Voice (desperate) : My stacking !!!! Oh no !!!

<mechanical rattling>

gzzzzzz krouuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkk tiketiketiketike


Igor : What do I see !!!!!

gjgr.jpg: Hu ???

Voice : My stacking !!!

gjgr.jpg : What the hell ?


Igor : I can't believe my eye !!! Hey you !! Vile burglar !

gjgr.jpg : Hu ? What the f*** is that !!

<crushing sound>

BUNK !!!


Just a little later...




Hadvice : Professor, Igor reporting that we have a guest...

Pr Thaum : Yes, Hadvice, of course, we're awaiting him... And I've felt him for long.


9mbj.jpg : You see, Hadvice, here he is !

sg2h.jpg : I especially see that it is really  crappy in block stacking !

wso5.jpg : This is him who overturn my blocks !!! I made a pretty good stacking !!

9mbj.jpg : It is learning, Hadvice... it is learning..

wso5.jpg : It !!!! I'm the Counsellor Thomson !! Professor for the last time ! Give me my body back !!

9mbj.jpg : I have disolved and dropped it above Freegate long time ago, and you're not the counsellor Thomson anymore, you're Experiment BC 122, and you have to handle you're new robotic outfit, and succed in block stacking before I can teach you something much more difficult... Now let me work otherwise your next outfit will be a toaster one !

wso5.jpg : Agglllp !!

sg2h.jpg : Here you go again Exp BC 122 !


s3w7.jpg : Hu ? Where am I ?

9mbj.jpg : In my lab Agent 47, you seeked it since you board the Axle around Kaalin...

s3w7.jpg : I am locked on this table, I'm in for a torture session ?

9mbj.jpg : Relax, you're here for SPIDER, to wonder about my research... and I 'm her to explain it to you...

s3w7.jpg : SPIDER !! You know ?

9mbj.jpg : Sure I know, it's me that asked SPIDER to send an agent...

s3w7.jpg : ???


9mbj.jpg : You see, my apprentice is setting the device you're here to learn about... It will be very very interesting

s3w7.jpg : If you ask SPIDER for an agent why am I locked ?

9mbj.jpg : For your safety of course...


9mbj.jpg : Look at that, it is like a scanner...


9mbj.jpg : and there is one for you too... hin hin hin

s3w7.jpg : What are you doing ??!! You will torture me !!

9mbj.jpg : You're a bonehead Agent 47 !!! Just have a look my boy... don't panic ! Hadvice will soon start your cloning processus... you see this pod on the desk... Go Hadvice !

sg2h.jpg : Hop !


9mbj.jpg : Easy as a photocopier !!

s3w7.jpg : Goddness !! Is it me ?

9mbj.jpg : Sure, it is you... I told you it's a photocopier...


s3w7.jpg : it is moving ! It is alive !

9mbj.jpg : you're moving, you are alive... and all depends on this precious little treasure I found on Illustria.

s3w7.jpg : How does it works ? It is an electronic devise ? how is it made ?

s3w7.jpg : How does it works ? It is an electronic devise ? how is it made ?

sg2h.jpg : Hmmmm... there is something... strange.. isn't it ,

9mbj.jpg : Indeed Hadvice, but this more funny than strange... Anyway... now let me show you more : the real power of this artifact. And no this is nor electronic neither science... it is wisdom...


9mbj.jpg : It can act as a photocopier, but, it can also be use for crossing... just have a look...

s3w7.jpg : Crossing ? Me and what ? this monster in the pod ???

s3w7.jpg : Crossing ? Me and what ? this monster in the pod ???

9mbj.jpg : hin hin hin... this one you can take it with you back to SPIDER... And it will have the same problem Sal's developped clones have.

s3w7.jpg : you know about Sal's research ?

s3w7.jpg : you know about Sal's research ?

9mbj.jpg : Of course I know ! Sal is my first apprentice, and my best pride... he is far a better scientist than I would ever be... Even if his approach seems to be a little bit to scientific and dogmatic for me.

s3w7.jpg : And there ? Is him your second apprentice ?

s3w7.jpg : And there ? Is him your second apprentice ?

9mbj.jpg : No, Hadvice is my fourth apprentice, the second was a mistake I had to wave off and the third... the third was a failure (I hate nudist ! ) Now only one of you speak otherwise I will have to disintegrate the other...

s3w7.jpg : OK

s3w7.jpg : aglllllllp !

9mbj.jpg : You may proceed Hadvice...


9mbj.jpg : hopla... Creature crossing... a new step... I will keep this one for me... for another testing round. Science is smoke and mirors... the truth is nor in a computer, whatever powerful it is, neither in scientific files carefully stocked in hard drives... Sapience is here, in these old books ! The Ancient had much powers and secrets, we have ever discovered !


s3w7.jpg : Err professor, what is this big eye just beside you ?

ni4c.jpg : This is Igor, you have already encounter it... this is the lab's warden...


9mbj.jpg : All my files are in this chip, you can take them back to SPIDER with your clone... The next time we will meet, you only have to follow the frequency I give you with the files on the chip, it will give you guidance to dock your ship just against the airlock of my lab, and please plan to use a cargo ship, I will have some device to move...

s3w7.jpg : Understand professor... when will we meet next ?

9mbj.jpg : I'll send SPIDER the same signal I sent to make you come...

s3w7.jpg : Clear... see you later.


wso5.jpg : My stacking is over professor !!! I succeed !! I told you so !

9mbj.jpg : Congratulation BC 122, you reach the next stage !


This time it's OK... bonus later on

C&C welcome



Edited by Professor Thaum

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Here comes the first bonuses

Overall view of the whole lab... a 48 x 48 baseplate  with Igor, the warden (off table on the top left some ninjago and on the right, volcano and a throng of nexo knight sets )


Close up on the telescopic Igor, on the bottom side, the pod of experiment bc 122 and beside Igor a vivarium with a spider, under Igor's door stands Hadvices bunk


The entry of the lab :



the trompe-l'oeil


Igor's Door



Some more to follow later. The details of the lab.

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The Airlock bonus :

from the outside :


from the outside 2 :


inside 1 :


inside 2 :


First corner of the lab :

the Profs bunk, his tools, the locked chain of the counc exp BC 122, and the vivarium with a scorpio


Detail on the exp BC 122 ans its blocks (overturned by agent 47)... there's a mouse caged up near the vivarium (meat for the arthropods)


The second corner, with the dump tank (same as the one dumped with the disolved councellor exp BC 122 corpse in the feluciade lowlands), Igor's door and Hadvices bunk


The 3 pods of the lab, from left to right : MANTIS grog survivor from an encounter on Freegate, an alien from Illustria ans a failed cloning experience. Another vivarium with a Spider...


2 pods


the 3rd :


The spider wall :


The third corner


copy pod and fourth corner :



some details :


the fourth corner in reverse :



That's all folks

Edited by Professor Thaum

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