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Román, Clarissa and their loyal bodyguard Betito walked the streets of Elysabethtown. After a quick trip from Nellisa to
the neighbouring island of Berreli - the Colonia had proven her value already - he had just held his speech to hundreds
of people. Román intended to meet Lady Elysabeth and her husband later on in private, to discuss some of the more
delicate matters with her.

One of the main aspects was the "Colonial Knowledge Mission". Eslandola hardly had gained any real knowledge
about the new islands so far. His geologists had started prospecting everywhere, and some results were there already...
But where did that lead them? Rumors were that citrus plants grew well on Isla de Victoria - had anyone yet methodologically
quantified the economic benefit of that? Probably not. Nor was there an all-Eslandolan catalogue of major findings of rare
minerals on specific islands. Nor any other documents providing information on how to make the best profit from the colonies.

He planned on setting up a big all Eslandolan explorer's library where knowledge for every single island in the new seas was
collected, properly assigned and connected, and of course stored and made publicly available to all Eslandolans. He intended
to hire some scientists to do the math, set up calculations and create hypotheses. Especially for raw minerals, but also for plants
and other aspects. Even natural implications had to be considered. How likely was it that a volcano would erupt and destroy parts
of a settlement? Like his son Joaquin's fiancee Poca from the natives used to say: "You know nothing, Joaquin Fontonajo",
whenever they walked the forests. And she was so damn right about it.
And of course contributors of knowledge needed to be rewarded. Which basically summarized the last main aspect of his campaign.
Oleon had set up a fantastic reward programm, acknowledging the most successful pioneers' achievements with medals of honour.
Eslandola needed a "Pioneer Reward Programm" as well. Especially one that was not purely - or even not at all - monetarily driven.
Money was plentiful in the colonies, but honour was what most of the rich people lacked, and what the Colonial Council would have
to get them with. 

He thought of some kind of reward tree, where eager pioneers could earn their rank up the ladders, and gain titles. Where...


"Silent!", hissed Betito, pointing his ears, drawing his rapier, when suddenly a grim man jumped around the corner of the warehouse
they were just passing - all clad in yellow, with a white bandana, a pistol in his hand, running towards Román Fontonajo, shouting
"For Mardier!!!".


Betito took a step forward, his rapier pointed towards the attacker. The Mardierian assassin lifted his pistol. While he slowed to find
aim at Román, and while Betito drew his gun, a shot banged, echoing through the street.

Still running, the assassin stumbled, fell, coming to a halt only before Betito's feet. Fontonajo's guard quickly executed the foe.

Behind the attacker's corpse Román Esteban Fontonajo blew the smoke off his pistol, looked at his terrified wife, calmly stating:
"Mardier? Denied, I say."

Román then took Clarissa's hand, tapped Betito on the shoulder and gave a look of approval to his loyal guard, and continued their

"Find someone to get rid of the corpse, and let the world know.", Román said with an icecold tone.



MOC is inspired by the Elysabethtown-style from @TitusV.

Edited by Elostirion

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Exciting story, and a nice action scene. Minifigs are well posed, and the stonework on the wall is well done! :thumbup:

I'm glad Roman is ok. Damn the Mardierians and their violence.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I really like the sound of the Colonial Knowledge Mission and the Pioneer Reward Program!


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A few minutes later, the city guard arrives.

"We heard shots, what's the matter?"

Roman: "Bah, nothing. Someone tried to kill me. You are just in time to clean up his leftovers."

"Euh... Our sincere apologies, mister."


Waw, I have actually inspired someone! It is a great honour, as is the fact Roman visited Elysabethtown! I really liek the building, great job :thumbup: 

Your plans seem very intresting, and Lady Elysabeth would like to invite you for a nice dinner, and a nice talk :wink: 

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