[MOC] Waving goodbye to 2016 with this little RWD drift car!

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As a last goodbye to 2016, I present this small red car. It is not really built to be particularly good looking (I used a wire bodywork to have a low weight) or to have a particular high speed. But what it does, is put a smile on your face. 


Technics are kept simple, there's an RC buggy motor next to a PF lipo batterybox in the middle, a PF medium steering motor before the front axle and an IR V2 receiver to enable 1 metre of infrared range when going outside. Please Lego... Please... do something about it. The frustration and anger about this appalling range is powering companies like S-brick. And that's why my future cars are having an S-brick, leaving this model as one of my last PF IR remote controlleds MOCs...



We're making a fun car, right? So there is a silly spoiler and huge rear tires. By the way, these wide tires provide excellent traction in dry conditions, which is important for low-weight cars like this. 


The interior had to be sacrificed to have a low position for the drive motor and battery box. Because of this measure, the handling was quite good, but made much worse by the slow PF IR remote.

In the end, of course there is the video: 


The longer story can be read on MOCpages and better photos are on Brickshelf

Have a nice 2017!

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On 29-12-2016 at 7:34 PM, Leonardo da Bricki said:

Nice car! The 3-point turn in 500 milliseconds is great! :laugh:

It just resulted in that, was not really designed for it, but anyway, it simply did them with great consistency...

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Nice car, RC is nice, I agree, outside IR range is :hmpf_bad:

A LEGO solution is use Mindstorms NXT/EV3 with a remote app on your smartphone (Bluetooth to the rescue)!

Yes, I do use this solution, and yes, the motor size makes small models a no-go.

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