1950's tan sedan 10232 - 70906 - 76077 inspired MOC

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I originally wanted to post this car model beside a building model, but since I've been struggling to come up with something new, I thought why not just let it be posted by itself. You can also build this car in red instead of tan, but since I've already made so many red vehicles, I decided on tan instead.


This car was originally based on the car from set 10232, (Palace Cinema) along with a front grille inspired by set 70906 (The Joker Notorious Low-rider) and a rear partially taken from the SHIELD car "Lola"  in set 76077. (Iron Man: Detroit Steel strikes)


The rear features a spare tire.


The car features seating for two mini figures, as shown above. (Bob and Rob mini-figures not included in LDD file)


As before, but without the mini figures. The seats are built on 1 x 2 jumper tiles, and the panels allow for the mini-figure's arms and legs to fit with this odd spacing.

The LDD file (for the car only) is available here.

Comments, questions, & complaints are always welcome!

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