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Captain Genaro

Settlement: Lavalette, Stéphanique, Oleon

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This thread encompasses all builds within Lavalette on the island of Stéphanique.

Name: Lavalette

Ownership: The Royal New Terra Company (RNTC)

Location: Stéphanique

Mayor: Henri Hollande (Captain Genaro)

Who can own property in Lavalette: Holders of Preferred Stock of the RNTC, holders of a Royal Charter or a decree from the Directeur. Violators may see their property seized.

Who can freebuild in Lavalette: Anyone

Who can dock a vessel in Lavalette: Holders of Preferred Stock of the RNTC, all royal ships of Oleon, any ships with a Royal Charter or a decree from the Directeur. Violators may see their ships seized.




  • Map of Stéphanique


  • Current Lavalette Development Plan



Background: Safely nestled in a natural harbor, Lavalette is the first settlement built by the Royal New Terra Company (RNTC). Situated with an enclosed harbor to the north, steep mountains to the east, and a large lake to the south, Lavalette is surrounded by natural defenses. Lavalette is named after the Intendant General des Finances d'Oleon, Pierre Lavalette Genaro, Duc de Vele. Most of the population is Oleanders, but foreigners are not uncommon.

Relatively undeveloped, many experts believe the settlement can boast large shipyards as well as huge plantations for the recently discovered peppercorn plant. Despite the rumors, the RNTC has remained relatively quiet regarding the settlement's potential and long-term plans.

Current Plans:

As of now, only the plans to make Lavalette a town have been released to the public. The town is small, mostly divided into a grid pattern, and surrounded by basic fortifications. On a small peninsula overlooking the bay, a fort is planned.

Most of the initial buildings are expected to be very simple. Nothing too ornate, with many buildings built out of local materials in a quick manner. Most initial structures will be residences and commerce and artisan properties designed to help support initial settlers as well as pave the way for large expansion in the future. Examples would likely include lumber yards, quarries and stone masons, brick factories, stucco and plaster producers, to support construction as well as bakers, blacksmiths, and merchants selling basic necessities to keep the settlement well fed and functioning.



Incentive Programs:

All tax revenue for licensed builds in Lavalette will be refunded in full. Please PM Captain Genaro at the end of each quarter to receive a refund for said quarter.

All licensed artisan, commerce, and factory builds will be reimbursed 50% of their license cost until further notice.

Any build prominently featuring peppercorn will be reimbursed 50% of its license cost until further notice.

The RNTC will purchase any build in Lavalette for 200% of the license cost.

Builders who build and license 7 properties in Lavalette will get the chance to purchase a share of Preferred Stock in the RNTC. Of the 7 builds, at least 3 must be medium or 1 large and 1 medium.

All incentives are cumulative.



Property's name followed by the owner's name.


RNTC boathouse and warehouse: blackdeathgr

New Arrivals and Old Rivalries: Captain Genaro


Hold Your Breath: Captain Genaro

Small Bank of Lavalette: RNTC

Up and Down the River: RNTC


Pioneers at Home: RNTC

Lavalette Barracks: RNTC


Lavalette Bakery: Captain Genaro

Small Blacksmith of Lavalette: RNTC

Lavalette Government Building: RNTC


The Beginning of the End: Captain Genaro


Pioneers at Work: RNTC

New Spices for the Old World: RNTC


An Unexpected Reunion: RNTC



Fort Henri - medium fortress: RNTC

Additional Forts in Protection Range:

Saber Fort - medium fortress located in Windfall


Ire Compagnie 1./RLa

IIe Compagnie 1./RLa



Edited by Captain Genaro

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Pioneers at Work - Small Plantation - RNTC - license active



Pioneers at Home - Medium Residence - RNTC - license active



New Spices for the Old World - Large Plantation - RNTC - license active



Fort Henri - Medium Fortress - RNTC - license active



Up And Down The River - Medium Commercial - RNTC - license active


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To representatives of His Royal Majesty, King Philip I, Lavalette

July 618, King's Harbour

It has come to our attention that a ship of the Royal Navy, the corvette HMS Badger, has been brought into Lavalette as a prize to a fleet of notorious pirates. We warn you that the vessels (mentioned below) have been involved in several instances of documented piracy against merchant shipping in the Brick Seas, and that the HMS Badger was taking in its efforts to keep the sea lanes safe for all nations.

You will hereby find enclosed our official request to have the HMS Badger seized and returned to the Royal Navy. We have no doubts that neither his Royal Majesty King Philip I, nor the honourable RNTC, wishes to see Olean ports harbouring pirates. We are willing to compensate you any reasonable expenses you may have in seizing the HMS Badger and her crew. Should additional crew be needed to man her, we will send a vessel under a flag of truce from Cocovia to retrieve her.

And while Corrington has no wish to interfere with internal Olean politics, I implore you to consider the nefarious acts of piracy committed by the Black Flag fleet now harboured under the guns of Lavalette, and the danger it poses to all peaceful shipping of the Brick Seas.

Awaiting your response,

Rear-admiral Fletcher

Commander-in-chief, Royal Terra Novan Navy

Pirate vessels:

Killer Frog

Morning Fog

Warped Wood

@Captain Genaro

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To Her Most Corrish Majesty's Officer, Rear-Admiral Fletcher. Greetings. 

Your concerns and requests have been sent to the appropriate authorities. I will inform you as soon as any decision is reached. Until then, I would ask that you reach out to the aggressors and see if an arraignment can be reached without the need to involve Oleon or the RNTC.

Major Wolfgang Hochstetter 

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We've tried and hung a pirate in Oleon. 

Be good, girls and boys. I am planning on licensing the gallows at a later date.

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A large fortress is now licensed in the name of the settlement.


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Admiral Retired Girard Beauchamp had bought a large holding on the outskirts of Lavalette. After developing it into a sprawling vineyard, he has sold the entire brand to the RNTC. The West and East Vineyards produce the grapes, grapes are turned into wine at the winery, some bottles go to the restaurant, while the rest is distributed from the warehouse or sent to the wharf for shipping around the Brick Seas. 2 x Large Plantations, Large Factory, Large Artisan, and 2 x Large Commercial licenses. 


Now a new Wharf has been added on the waterfront to ship the wine across the brick seas. Also "Vineyard of Light" is now a proud member of the RNTC family of brands. 



Edited by CapOnBOBS

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Education: Large



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A new Mint Royale for Lavalette - to take advantage of that silver monopoly:

Just needs licensing for the RNTC.

Edited by Ross Fisher

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The ongoing geological survey of Stefanique has led to a tunnel reaching well into the ground to access a rich iron vein. The find, of course, led to the immediate purchase of the claim by the Crown of Oleon to grant the crown access to their own strategic resources. 



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