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"My dear friend Willem... no, that is weird.", Román said.
"Keep it simple. Just dear Willem?", Clarissa suggested.
"Dear Willem, today I want to inform you about a delicate matter.... no, that's crap.", he said.
"plans? like 'inform you about my plans'?", she brought up.
"Great! Dear Willem, today I want to inform you about my plans. My most secret plans. The thing that I call 'The Safe Harbour Plan' in my speeches.
Something noone else knows,yet. And you are one of the chosen Eslandolans that I want to inform about it."
, Román continued.
"Stop being so dramatic. You have a great plan and want to inform your friend, not convince him with some overexaggerated speech about good and
evil... No need to be such a dramaqueen."
, she said, punching him slightly.
"Gosh, I love you, my beauty."
"Sure you do.", Clarissa smiled at him, her face expressing deep love.

After a pause and some moments of thought Román started writing and murmured: "Dear Willem, today I want to inform you about the Safe Harbour
Plan for Eslandola, as part of
my campaign for... - ok, I will do that later. Let's talk about my slogan for now."

"Making our Harbours safe again?", she said, laughing.
He looked at her, smiling. "suuuuuure..."
"But really, are you sure that Safe Harbour initiative is the right thing? I mean, not the idea, the idea is right, but... like putting it in your campaign, without
being able to say a word about it? That does not seem to make much sense?"

"Welcome to the world of dramaqueen, baby! No really, I think it gives the whole thing a special mysterious appeal. Some kind of elitism, which is one of
the main unique selling points that we have left in a world where the general public votes, and can even candidate, don't you think?"
, explained Román.
She took a brief pause to consider before she replied: "I guess. ... But you evade, my love. Your slogan?"
"Juan suggested that "make great again" slogan. I don't like it. I mean, I like it, but everyone seems to use it already. So... mainstream, you know?"
"Then it's not the right thing for you. I mean, after all, if you don't stand behind it?"
"True that", Román said, "... but what else do we have?"
Clarissa Raltessa Fontonajo deeply looked her husband in the eyes when she asked him: "What do you think really differentiates you... from the rest of
the world? I mean like... What is that very essence that makes you... be more?"

And in that moment Román knew his slogan. "Beyond", he said, nodding his head, smiling at his wife in full happiness. 
In the new world arranged marriage was considered a bad thing. But Clarissa was the best that had ever happened to him, arranged though their marriage
had been, slightly awkward at first, but grown over time. And the love he felt for her went deep.

And for the next hours on their trip to Pontelli noone said a word.

Because noone had to.

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I really like the style of the wagon, especially the roof and the little stairs make it great :thumbup: good job!

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