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Even on Nellisa wintertime can sometimes be cold. And even in the colourful city at the northwestern coast of the island, the pearl of the "Sea of Thieves" region, not everyone prospers. There are beggars and homeless people, living in the streets. Less hungry, usually, and less miserable in general than the poorest in the old world, yet still miserable.

When Román Fontonajo walked through the Riverport-district, he saw one of these people, leaning to a wall, an apple in his hand and an empty frying pan besides him (was that one meant for collecting money or for cooking?). Compassion flooded him, and the richest man of New Terra took off his cloak, bowed down and handed it to the beggar, along with the bread he had just bought for lunch.

"Tank you, mylord.", the homeless man said, showing his non-existing front-teeth.
"We aren't lords here in the new world. We represent the people.", replied Fontonajo.
"But you gonna represent da Sea of Thieves region in that Council thing, ain't ya?", the man said.
Fontonajo, slightly puzzled by the man's knowledge of recent political changes, set up a smile: "You think I should?"
"Who else, mylor... mymaster? You are da one!"
"Remember then, that your vote counts as much as mine.", Fontonajo stated, smiled, and continued his path.

He knew many eyes had seen him, and sure it had been great publicity. But that was not the reason - his generous deed had been honest. He knew he had to do more for the people once elections had gone through.

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Fontonajo appears to have a very efficient press corps! I wish him all the best in his campaigning. Will he only run for the regional seat, or is he also going for the prime minister seat, one wonders... :pir-wink:

On 21/12/2016 at 10:01 PM, Elostirion said:

and the richest man of New Terra took off his cloak

*triggered* :pir_tong2:

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