[MOC] Undead Fall is coming to the Lion Knights

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Crusaders Castle. They are also known as Lion Knights. Medium sized fortress  located on the island. It is invaded by Undead Fall just now. The Dark Magic summoned monsters which died ages ago and fallen warriors. Read more


LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-02.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-03.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-04.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-05.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-06.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-07.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-08.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-09.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-10.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-11.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-12.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-13.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-14.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-15.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-16.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-17.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-18.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-19.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-20.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-21.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-22.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-23.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-24.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-25.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-26.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-27.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-28.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-29.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-30.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-31.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-32.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-33.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-34.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-35.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-36.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-37.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-38.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-39.j LEGO-Lion-Knights-Castle-Undead-MOC-40.j

Bigger photos and full story here:
LEGO Gallery - [MOC] Undead Fall is coming to the Lion Knights

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Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog  - Bricks' Treasure.

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This a nice little fortress.  The rockwork is good.  I like the forestmen climbing up the back wall.  The interior of the fortress is good and I love the dungeon pits.  The only thing I'm not sure of is the wooden section towards the back it seems a little out of place.  But overall nicely done. 

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