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From his tower Román Fontonajo looked west. Down the hills, across the many cotton fields, along the road, passing some other farmland, or small forests, or the palmtrees on the coastline, his eyes took sight of the colourful city - Nova Terreli, standing proudly at the Nellisan coast. The second largest city in the new world, some said. It was about time for it to become larger than Breshaun.

He looked further, to the harbour and beyond, and there he saw all the ships from all the nations entering and leaving the port, carrying goods and riches, bringing wealth to both the old and new world. Oh Glorious New World, he thought. One day this will all be one, and every single person will live in prosperity. But who was capable of the task ahead?


He stood there for hours like this, thinking actively. He weighed strategies and options, considered one future or the other, outcomes, scenarios, inventions, everything. But the more he thought about it the more he realised that he had long made his mind. Following his intuition he turned, climbing down the tower, mounting his horse. 

Guilder and Wyndzon were right. He had to.

He would be back to Nova Terreli within an hour.



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Nice micro Elostirion, I really like how you included the fort up on the hill back there!  The story's progressing well also!  There seems to be a little lacking in the FP though - I would suggest a lower angle, maybe putting the fort down lower, nearer to the micro, also.  But FP isn't easy, and yours gets the point across! :thumbup: 

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I like how you're telling this story! I will concur with Kai that the FP still needs some work, but I love the microbuild on its own without it! I may have to do a similar microbuild for Weelond at some point. Inspiring build! :thumbup:

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That's a nice micro. Is it a somewhat accurate presentation of the builds registered in the city? Great monologue.

Edited by Sir Stig

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