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About a year and a half ago I posted my initial TIE Interceptor model and I pointed out a few areas that I didn't like, notably the wing pylons. I went through two more changes, each being stronger than the last but that wasn't all I was unhappy with.

I ended up building a second version, totally from scratch, using Belkor's wing pylon design. New cockpit interior (hell, entirely new cockpit), new thinner wings - only two plates thick. But my absolute favourite part of my second, improved version is a functional rear viewport.

Unfortunately, I am currently lacking the money to buy extra pieces for v2 so only renders for now.









There are still a number of things I would like to change. I'm pretty happy with the wings, although if I find a way to keep the edge panels closed that would be great. Ramses' TIE fighters have better wing pylons where it connects, so I want to modify mine to be more similar. Cehnot made an excellent cockpit interior, so I plan on changing mine to use that. However I'm very happy with the thinner wings and functional rear cockpit. It took quite a bit of time fiddling around with plates to have a design that was strong enough throughout with the wings.

Hopefully, v3 should be in full brick form.

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Hello !

I really like it ! The wings look very good and the main reactor at the rear have its typical "losange" shape !

Keep up the good work ;)


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