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[O - F09] Extraction 1.1

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Location: Arium Minor - F09

Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle

[comm] "Authorization codes accepted. You may begin your atmospheric dec... [kkkstk]"


[Dora] "Upload completed. John, wake up."

[Hannibal] "Dora? Where are we"

[Zoid crewman] "Who is Dora? What is going on up there?"


[Dora] "Don't panic, John. You're above Arium Minor. I've uploaded myself into a drone, and... a portion of your conscious has replaced what's left in the cyborg pilot."

[Zoid crewman] "Pilot! Answer me! Why haven't we started our descent?"


[Hannibal] "Dora? I don't understand. I died!"

[Dora] "You're not going to understand everything right now, John. When MANTIS uploaded a portion of your brain, they didn't know I was in there and could help us escape into their network. Because we make up such a large and complex data file, I had to scatter portions of ourselves throughout Andromeda. So there's a version of us moving through their network where you are having explain this predicament to me because different portions of us are at work."

[Zoid crewman] "What the heck are you talking about! You're GONNA die if I have to come up there and drag you out of that cockpit."


[Dora] "Hold on John. You haven't gotten use to your ability to speak and have alerted the crewman. I'm going to launch the drone."

[Hannibal] "Oh, sorry Dora."


[Zoid crewman] "You better not be calling me Dora you short circuiting half droid. I am the nephew of the viceroy of..."


[Dora] "Not a problem, John. I know you're probably quite confused right now. Besides, short term memory is going to be a struggle for a while since they didn't map that portion of your brain. You're also going to have to get use to a lot of virtual processing techniques we AIs use. Banking port."


[Hannibal] "Are you sure it was smart to kill the crewman? I have no idea how to fly this thing, which seems kind of weird. Wasn't I a pilot?"

[Dora] "Like I said, we could only move you around in portions; your memory associated with piloting is still out there somewhere looking for a physical form to escape through. I'll release enough of this cyborg's brain to get us to the surface. I'm hopeful that more of your consciousness will be able to make it's way into Kawashita's mainframe. Their cyborgs are a good way for us to get enough physical controls to escape."


[Hannibal] "Where to now?"

[Dora] "We've got to make it back to Octan without getting shot down outright. From there, I think I know who will be able to get all your parts back into one body."



I'm sure the out I gave myself in April was fairly obvious, I know Danny figured it out right away. To everybody else, hopefully the story makes some kind of sense.

Just a fun note, the ship was a combination of some table scrap and requests from my three-year-old for a ship with 2 "doors" and wings (although he didn't like the ones I made). I was also trying to make it pretty sturdy for him to play with, and it's mostly held up, pretty well.


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Great to see you back in AG.

The ship is very nicely designed, with excellent greebling and color use. I really like the two-cockpit design.

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Very nice Kawa ship, good to see you back in this subforum. :wink:

I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes. I like the new look on Hannibal too.

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