Lego Friends 41311 Heartlake Pizzeria 2017 building review

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Hi everybody,

I got this new Lego Friends Heartlake Pizzeria for 2017,
and made a building review of it, I hope you will like it :)
I also made one of the new Stephanie's house , which I allready posted before.
And still have the gift delivery set, that one I will review tonight.
Thanks for watching and I hope you will enjoy :)

Best wishes for everybody :)


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Thank you very much for the great review, Unicorn! :classic:

The pizzeria does look lovely, but I must admit that its quality could even have been better:

- sidewalls inside are much too short (so the room really looks too open)

- door has no sticker on it and because of this looks too empty

- upstairs no railings on the sides

- no steering wheel in the pizza bike

- light purple doors in the pizza bike

- pizza oven has no door

- walls inside (including those with the windows) look to empty (some stickers would be in need there)

+ stickers look extremely good

+ exterior looks brilliant

+ much accessory

+ great new pizza

+ great new pizza quarters

But all in all it's a nice set for the price you have to pay for it! :thumbup:

Edited by Klaus-Dieter

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