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[SoNE Freebuild 14.3] Attention on Commenor

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~Man these guys are intense. Ever since the company broke up that cell on Kuat, we've been quite busy. It's been good for me; most of the squad has been so tired and busy that they've mostly forgotten about me, except they did make me the company guidon. I'm not sure if it's because I've finally been able to focus and get myself squared away, or if it's just an elaborate joke; either way, running with this thing SUCKS.~


~Now, on Commenor, we've been called in by some scary dudes to help in the search for some other scary dude. I heard it's a suicide mission and that's why they called in my company of replacements to get killed instead of the locals, which is pretty much how it goes for us.~


~Whatever it is, there are lots of spooky characters on this planet. Supposedly those older guys are clone troopers from the old days, not sure how they're even alive. Then theres all these white garbed assassins that either glare unnecessarily or weirdly smile at inappropriate times. The main creeper struts around like the emperor himself, pulling up in his private hover car.~


[ISB Officer] "Company! Your task on Commenor is crucial and failure will NOT be tolerated. Loose among these streets is one of the most ruthless killers employed by the anarchist trying to bring your beloved Empire to submission. His name is Goatm An..."

~Hey, I know that guy~

"...His ship was intercepted and shot down by brave Imperial officers, but the local garrison was too COMPLACENT to quarantine him in time. YOU are here to correct that mistake. Your company's reputation precedes you. I expect every corner of this forsaken town INSPECTED and CLEANSE of this unholy menace before he STRIKES AGAIN! The citizens of the Empire are counting on YOU. Do NOT fall prey to his tricks. Do not rest until this scourge is brought to IMPERIAL JUSTICE.


~Wow, that guy didn't seem that bad when I met him. I mean I can't imagine him stalking through these streets like some kind of deranged madman.~

[Goatm] Interesting. This is not a branch of the ISB I'm use to finding in the encoded Imperial transmissions. That kind of secrecy is commendable in it's own right. Oh well, I do love how these predictable officers are so intent on visiting my little war zones. Now, one last shot and I'm off this planet, and I know who will have an empty ship with lots of data...




That's all for Commenor/Jedha for now. I'll be working on some redesigns to go along with the new intel. I hope y'all enjoyed it.

Please judge.


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Another excellent entry! I chuckled at the part about the spooky characters. The build is another magnificent piece and probably one of my favorite sections from your Jedha build, especially with the round window design and all the wall greebles. Great looking speeder too.

Looking forward to the redesigns. 

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Once again, excellent. I think I am running out of praise for your work because you certainly deserve a lot of it for all the quality content you continue to provide!


All I can add is that the build is impressive as always and that your stories are intriguing to read. I wonder if there will be a closure on the whole Goatm An affair one day.

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