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[M-H03] New Business Ventures

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Location: H03 Kallin

Tags: Military Building, Spaceship



Guard: Maxximus will see you now.


Maxximus: Welcome Henry, I have someone I want to introduce you to. This here is my guest from the Octan corporation, Stuart Smith.

Hawk: It's Hawk actually, and it's nice to meet you Stuart.

Stuart: It's a ple........

Captain: Great I will bring him to the brig for interrogation. I will have him singing his secrets like a bird in no tim......


Guard: Get your hands off of him!

Captain: What's going on here? 

Hawk: Echo team, stand down!


Maximus: Captain I like your teams spirit. That's why your teams one of the best in MANTIS. Like I said before, Stuart here is my guest. There is no need for an interrogation. Captain, Hank has a mission for you on the surface of Kaalin. I have a ship waiting for you so if you could take your team Captain, and prepare for your mission.

Captain: Yes sir....

Stuart: Your troops certainly live up to their reputations.

Hawk: My apologies, So what was it you wanted to tell me.

Maxximus: You know how our profits have been down over the last few months. With the CEO missing now, the council of five is demanding a solution to get our revenues back up. I want to sell MANTIS's Military expertise. I call it MANTIS Security Solutions. We will do anything from offering advice on how to improve base defenses to providing full MANTIS Spec Ops protection in exchange for resources. Stuart here was the first one to take up my offer. So what do you think?

Hawk: Um.... I don't know. What do you think the soldiers will think of....... 

Maxximus: Great I'm glad you like it. Now if you could, go with Stuart to the planning room. He will fill you in on what they need done.


Guard: Sir

Maxximus: What is it?

Guard: We just got an urgent message from Maxxene. They found him.

Maxximus: Great ready my ship.



Hawk: So what is it you needed.

Stuart: Well one of our drilling outposts stopped communicating with us last Oktobrinali. Any attempt to restore communications has failed. Our Satellites have not seen any damage to the base. With our fleet leaving the system our special forces are stretched to thin for any further investigation on our part, so that where you come in.

Hawk: I will see what my team can do.

Stuart: Great. I hope you guys can do the job because what you charge could be considered piracy.











Thanks for looking, C&C welcomed.

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MANTIS seems to prepare something special called "the ultron project" according to some picture :tongue:...


We have to warn MANTIS about the God syndrome which is for long the Octan prerogative...


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Great lighting! Nice microship, but the big porthole was my favorite part. How did we not spot Stuart as a likely disloyal person, his hair alone flags him as untrustworthy!

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