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[O-G10] Happy Hanukkah, Odus Dillberg!

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Tags: Civil Building, Spying

In an Axle Break-room


30776547343_2206a13e58_t.jpg "No, sorry, that's Top Secret. Even I wasn't informed of the nature of the experiments.... ... ...Umm, yes, I'll Inform you when she returns."


30776547343_2206a13e58_t.jpg "Pheew. After a long year of work, I'm glad that it's finally holiday season once again! Latkes for dinner, just the way mamma used to make them! Apple sauce, check! and Sour Cream... Check! yum!"


30776547343_2206a13e58_t.jpg "Oh, Hey, Dr. Ben Nai! How are you doing? I haven't seen you in a while."

31439761522_e63bfcf280_t.jpg "I've been busy being a janitor."

30776547343_2206a13e58_t.jpg "Yeah..."

31439761522_e63bfcf280_t.jpg "Have enough room for another? I love Latkes!"

30776547343_2206a13e58_t.jpg "Sure! Are you Jewish?"

31439761522_e63bfcf280_t.jpg "My spouse was, but they left me when Dr. Long demoted me. They said that they couldn't be married to a garbage man..."

30776547343_2206a13e58_t.jpg "oh."


31439761522_e63bfcf280_t.jpg "But I'm sure Dr. Long treats you much better than her other subordinates. I'm sure that, deep down, below her cold exterior, she has a warm heart, and only treated me with such cruelty because I deserved it. and not because she's just an awful person."

30776547343_2206a13e58_t.jpg "Um.. hehe, yeah."

31439761522_e63bfcf280_t.jpg "Well anyways, let's eat!"

30776547343_2206a13e58_t.jpg "Yes! definitely!"

*One Awkward dinner later*

31439761522_e63bfcf280_t.jpg "...And I said, girl, if she doesn't treat you with respect and basic human decency, then you've just got to get yourself out of that relationship."

30776547343_2206a13e58_t.jpg "Yeah!"

31439761522_e63bfcf280_t.jpg "Ooh. is that a real dreidle?  I've still got 7 minutes of break time left, want to spin it around?

30776547343_2206a13e58_t.jpg "Sure! let me grab it."


31439761522_e63bfcf280_t.jpg "Shall we wager a few credits?  What Dr. Long doesn't know can't hurt her!"

30776547343_2206a13e58_t.jpg "Why not..."


31439761522_e63bfcf280_t.jpg "Alright, you roll first!"

30776547343_2206a13e58_t.jpg "Shin!"

31439761522_e63bfcf280_t.jpg "Gimel! What luck for me!"

*later, in a different breakroom*


31439761522_e63bfcf280_t.jpg "Ok, commander, the bug has been planted in target's Coms device."


"Good, good. From his device, we can attempt to gain access to her personal server and their surveillance grid."

Offscreen figure: "If it works"


"Thank you for your diligent work, operative Nai. Your efforts will be rewarded in due time, and you will have your revenge."




Happy Hanukkah

~Insectoid Aristocrat


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