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[K-G09] An important find

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Location: G09
Tags: Land vehicle, Exploration

Raven was on her way back to Orinshi to reunite with her family when she got a call from her security adviser Derrek Thorne.

An important find

23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg We have found one more.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Another key?

23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg No, an energy signature. On G09.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg G09 uh. Whoever made those sure liked symmetry. I'm on my way.


Later on Greater Drigo.


As she fly thru the landscape she calls the excavation team.


19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg How's work going?

26464372416_68893375a7_o.jpg We have uncovered the anomaly and is clearing the last mud now.

This picture is not actually meant to be judged as it will be shown better next week. It (and the speeder) is a hint to what have been found.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg And the cover story?

26464372416_68893375a7_o.jpg Kawashita just started a major expedition to the planet that should keep Octan from looking too closely on us and as soon as equipment arrive we set up a mining station and constrict a building around this thing.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Great. I'll bee there in 15 minutes.


19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Are the markings the same as the other one?

26464372416_68893375a7_o.jpg Those files are classified so I wouldn't know.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg I guess I see when I arrive then.





Unless you have figured out already you will see the discovery next week.

Here is another picture of the actual build.


Disclaimer, I had not seen MKJoshA's build when I started this :classic: (seams like a lot of our builds had geysers in them :laugh:)
I actualy did plan to reunite Raven and her family but then this story got in the way. Well, there is allways next year.



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