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Settlement, Windfall Island, Stéphanique, Oleon

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This thread encompasses all builds within Windfall, on the island of Stéphanique

Name: Windfall (Island)

Ownership: Nation of Oleon

Location: Stéphanique (Prio Sea Area)

Mayor: Sebeus I

Who can own property in Windfall: Maybe later

Who can freebuild in Windfall: Maybe later









One of Oleon's first settlements on the Island of Stéphanique was founded on the small Island within the large bay characterising Stéphanique.



The discovery of a small Island within the great bay.


Since the discovery the construction activities have been going on non-stop. Oleon is building a town here that will last.

(See Colonisation of Windfall)


Builds on Windfall Island:





  • Saber Fort: Small fort located on the northern side of the Island (licensed)


Forts in protection range:


Vessels stationed here:




This settlement is a little bit different from most other settlements considering the Island itself has been build already.

This means that freebuilding on Windfall will only be possible if you come over at my place to do so.




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