[LDD] Lamborghini Miura SV

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Greetings, fellow brick lovers!

I'm happy to present you my new project - the legendary Lamborghini Miura SV. I couldn't leave this masterpiece of car engineering without attention it deserves and built it with Lego. Revolutionary and innovative, Miura was basically the first supercar ever produced, setting the standart for sport vehicles up to now. Mid-engined light vehicle with two-seat layout - sounds familiar, right?

Named after Ganadería Miura, the Spanish fighting bull ranch (as well as most of the other Lamborghini cars' names having been associated with bulls), this little devil, equipped with V12 engine, was extremely light, with the weight not exceeding 1300kg. The shapes of the car are not edgy compared to its successor Countach, and this has made the process quite hard for me, as the target was not only to copy the exterior, but also to make the openable parts exactly like in the original. 

This 1243 parts' model features:

  • openable doors, front and rear part
  • fully built interior and a V12 engine replica
  • spare wheel in the front part and a tool box behind the engine :)
  • modular system for easier building process









Thank you and have a great day!

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I like your Miura. It's still little bit edgy but I think your best in catching its shape. I've also supported your project on LEGO Ideas.

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Supported! The sides look a bit messy especially the sections near the fenders. But all in all you did a really great job! The overall shape is awesome and you managed to incorporate many lovely details!

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