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[SoNE Freebuild 14.2] ISB Special Operations

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It was always fun finding new friends in the ISB. This contingent on Commenor was especially appealing and would require more attention. They appear to be part of the Special Operations branch of the ISB and responsible for establishing Xenovet's current laboratories on Commenor. I'm still not sure what they're up to, but based on their treatment of Agent Kirana, they must have something off the books going on here. 


Commenor - Nightlife 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr

If I was going to find out anything more (the type of intel I couldn't get from mining their transmissions and data files), I was going to have to get past some of those oversized Deathtroopers. Luckily I brought a big hammer.


Commenor - Nightlife 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr

to be continued...


Another section of my larger Jedha (Commenor) build. This tower has a meditation chamber overlooking the rest of Jedha and a Jedi statue on the front. You can see how it fits into the rest of the collab here.


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Most impressive, the build blends modern and archaic looks in a very artistically way.  The sheer amount of red brick parts is impressive in its own right and the roof, well, a thing of beauty. My only valid criticism is that the photography is a little dark this time around, which makes sense when you were going for a deep night setting, but it actually makes it a tad too hard to make out all the great details that deserve to be seen in this build!

I like reading Goatm Ans entries a lot, I hope there will be a more thorough follow-up on how this operation of his will continue.

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Very much agree with Cody Startale. The builds architecture design fits perfectly with SW (actually looks like its straight out of Jedha) and is all around fun to look at. I especially like the gradation from red to dark tan and the statue minifigure on the side is a very nice touch as is the orange doorway. 

I also like following Goatm's adventures; looking forward to seeing what he discovers next. 


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