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13 hours ago, Blakbird said:

I would recommend using the white version just because black can hide details in photographs.

Trust me, I have faith in my camera and my post processing skill, but I will choose the white version anyway. :laugh:

I personally prefer the black one, it has a much more unified overall looking, and it makes sense in real life: a black snowmobile is quite visible in white snow.

Also, this model was originally designed in black color, and I didn’t consider too much about parts availability for an alternative color scheme. 

The white one is a simple modification of the prototype in terms of parts list. Since I don’t intend to add some custom stickers, it seems to be the best choice for public release. With some compromises (some visible light bluish grey parts).

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Nicely done, and thanks for the instructions! No snow in my area yet, but hopefully I can try your MOC on snow sometime this winter.

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