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[K-A06] The Artifact pt.3

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Location: A06 Guinevere
Tags: Exploration, Civil building

Continuing from last week's adventure...

31125218020_ea5b95a884_z.jpgArtifact part 3 by North White, on Flickr

"Piece of junk Mantis wreck..." Muttered Captain Mesabi

"Relax, we're almost here." Replied Bo'sun Jacobs

"Indubitably." Said Doctor Phillips, adding nothing to the conversation.

30655373984_42bb3652ab_z.jpgArtifact part 3 by North White, on Flickr

"Yo! Let us in!" Yelled Captain Mesabi

30655374064_d18f351623_z.jpgArtifact part 3 by North White, on Flickr

"What's the password?" Said a voice from the intercom

"Come on man, you know who we are!" Said Captain Mesabi

"You could be Mantis Spies. Say the password." The voice replied

30687584803_797a580a0e_z.jpgArtifact part 3 by North White, on Flickr

"It's the Kawashita Theme song." Muttered Captain Mesabi

"No, it's singing the Kawashita theme song. Sing it!" The Voice replied

Captain Mesabi sighed, than began to sing,

"Kawashita, for the bold!

Bushido for our souls!

Honor, strength and might!

Garbed in Red and White!" He finished. "Happy?"

"You didn't do the dance,"the voice said.


31125219000_227e040a4c_z.jpgArtifact part 3 by North White, on Flickr

"Thank you for bringing this important artifact to us. We honor you by giving you a croissant." Said the Kawashita Lt.

"Wait, I was going to study this ancient relic of important alien wisdom. I can't give it up!" Said Doctor Phillips.

"You sure can. In fact you will. Or we'll put you in a mental hospital and erase your memories." Said the Lieutenant

"Captain Mesabi? Are you hearing this?" Asked Doctor Phillips

"mmm... what? I was totally zoning out about that croissant." Doctor Phillips sighed, and handed the Lieutenant  the artifact

30655372664_371acde617_z.jpgArtifact part 3 by North White, on Flickr

"Mark my words, you don't know what you're playing with..." Said Doctor Phillips ominously.

"Did you know what you were playing with? Asked the lieutenant.

"No..." Said Doctor Phillips

31380801211_51153cd5dc_z.jpgArtifact part 3 by North White, on Flickr

"Exactly, this is going straight to Raven. See ya suckers!" He walked off, carrying the artifact

"Dibs on the croissant." Said Captain Mesabi


This concludes my mini arc of the artifact! C&C appreciated, hope you like the story, and the builds!


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