TIE Defender MOC help needed

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So today I've been working on an MOC of the Imperial TIE Defender, and I'm nearly finished, but I plan to bricklink this model and build it in real life after the digital render is complete. Right now this is about 835 pieces, but I'm asking the community for help as to how I might potentially stabilize the wing connections. As they are right now, each of the six wings are attached to the middle plate by some clips which are in turn held in their upright position by a series of inverted 1x2 curved slopes. There's no chance of this thing standing on its own if I were to build it with the current design. Despite this, each of the three central plates are securely held to the rotating axis by means of technic pins. 



So other than what I mentioned does anyone else have any comments or ideas on how I can improve this? Thanks!

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I'm actually working on a Tie Defender =p, but very slowly as I'm a bit busy now. So I'm curious how this turns out.

I only have the wings designed thus far, picture below.

How are your central plates connected to the back of the hull?

I have a general idea of what I want to do, probably will use in some form to connect the central plates as you call them to the 'bridges/pylons' which in turn connect to the rear of the main body.

Intend for mine to be bigger (wings are 60studs long across), so I'm not sure if it would help you much. I take it you are using an axle to connect the central plates to the rear body?


Tie D Wing_Right


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 Looks great reminds me of the old days of playing as this fighter in some video game. My big thing would be like making sure where it connects to the cockpit is stable, but that may already be stable. I must say it looks a lot better than the one Lego made years back. Maybe you could have some way for it to attach to a stand with a ladder so you could have the pilot get in and crew work on, plus you'd get a place to display it. That'd be kinda neat but difficult to an extent.

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I modded the official set quite heavily and because i used thick wings, i could use 3 technic pins per wing to make sure they are well attached. 



But i agree my Defender is rather a "Heavy Defender" kind of TIE. ;)

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