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<Overwatch> Winston in LEGO version

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Short introduction from

A super-intelligent, genetically engineered gorilla, Winston is a brilliant scientist and a champion for humanity's potential.[2] When he loses his temper, Winston becomes a raging ape. In his off-time, he enjoys peanut butter and bananas

The original picture




In LEGO version




Let's see the equipments

Tesla Cannon



The Jump Pack


And the Barrier Projector and The Primal Rage


The short video to show the flexibilty

Thanks for watching!

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Looks good. I haven't played much of the game since trying out the Beta, but from what I remember this is fairly accurate to the source material. The use of the old Hockey chest piece is rather nice parts usage.

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I really liked your Lego version of Overwatch Winston. The proportions are great, you've great great color choice, he's the perfect size. So, a job well done.

Hope to see more builds like this, from you, in the future!




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