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Small Palace of Trador


Excitement was taking place on the streets of Trador. It received the Town status and rumours spreaded around that today, the 30th November 616 AE, the mayor will be appointed by Lord Maximilian Damaximus.

Inside the newly build Small Palace, the Town Council gathered, discussing the latest events.

At the first floor of the Small Palace, Maximilian and Margot took residence for the time being...


Margot: So it is official now, my father lost his power...

Maximilian: Yes my dear, but he still will have a function in the Continental Council. And at least, he still is our king.

Margot: Do you think there will be a point in the future where the republicans will remove the crown from our family?

Maximilian: not as long as there are royalists and not at all as long as I live. When I received the charter for MAESTRO, I promised your father to make sure of the continuity of the Eslandolan Crown.

Margot: I hope the Fontonajo family, who is without any doubt the richest family in these new lands, will keep the things as they are now agreed upon.

Maximilian: Roman is a very wise man and he has connections in every corner of the New World, but only in the New World. Your dynasty still has a lot of support in the Old World.

Margot: So I am a princess in the Old World, but not anymore in Nova Terelli?

Maximilian: Even in Nova Terelli, you will be treated as a Princess by most people. There still are royalists there. As far as I know, Roman hasn't conquered the Royal Fortress of Nova Terelli where your good friend the Viceroy has his residence.

Margot smiles

Maximilian: As long as Stedor and Trador stand, your father will be King here. Without powers ofcourse, but still...

Margot: And Elysabethtown?

Maximilian: He will be treated with respect. But I would not count Lady Elysabeth as a true royalist. Luckily her husband, Lord Tomvaximus, is loyal to us... Talking about Lord Tomvaximus, I hear he has arrived downstairs. My beautifull princess, I fear I will have to leave you for  some hours.

When leaving the room, Maximilian quickly looked around. The armour next to the balcony was a beautifull gift he received from the befriended Viking Tribe. The Royal Princess Guards he received from his father-in-law could have been puppets as well, so fiercly they were standing for hours without moving a finger.


At the Council Room, Maximilian Damaximus was waiting for a few Council members to arrive...

In the meantime, a musician was playing the Orchan and a service maid was looking for beverage. A beautifull shining armour received from MAESTRO Corrington was decorating the room.


A few hours later, Lord Maximilian Damaximus left the Small Palace. at the square in front of the palace, he declared Sir Yohannes Ethiximus to be mayor of Trador. Yohannes made fame in Stedor as brilliant politicus. The perfect guy to be the right hand of Maximilian at Trador.


And one more romantic picture with Lord Maximilian Damaximus and Princess Margot of Eslandola  and those cool Royal Princess Guards.




Thanks for watching!

C&C welcome!

Made for Cat 3 of the Mini Challenge (Eslandola).

Will be licenced as medium residence



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First off, it is nice to see the family and background of players developed more as you have done here. It is a hard balance to build enough to tell all the story lines we can/should /want to so I'm pleased to see more of your story in this one. 

Secondly, that palace exterior is excellent. The colors and accents make it truly appealing. I like the random gifts/suits of armor in the interior. Nice references to some of your previous builds including the Vikings which I always found fun. 

I'm not sure I have seen those helmets before. Where are they from? 

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Neat facade Maxim, you've got an impressive amount of gold plates there!  The viking armor looks very nice too! :thumbup: 

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Cool facade, indeed, Maxim. Loving that gold-and-white design (did you use golden jumpers?). And your guards are quite impressive.

Good job :thumbup:

But... what in the Gods names is that treacherous minion cretin doing there?! And why on earth doesn't he have his mug on him as the Minion Code demands?! :angry: :laugh:

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