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[REVIEW] The Batman Movie | 70901 Mr. Freeze Ice Attack

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First, I'd like to say 'Thanks!' to mediumsnowman for the previous review. This isn't to step on toes. It's to share some of the other specs I found and had placed in an original review. Hope you enjoy!

Set: 70901 Mr.FreezeIce Attack

Theme: The Batman Movie

Piece Count: 201 +ballast

Population: 3

Season: Winter 2016

Wallet Request: USD $19.99



As local stores are catching up in inventory, 2017 sets are already starting to hit the shelves, and LEGO stores. This recent addition comes in the form of 70901 Mr. Freeze Ice Attack. At 201 Pieces, it's currently the smallest of the available sets. How does it hold up, hoping to set the stage for the upcoming film? Let's find out!

First, we have the box art. The front of the box depicts a battle scene in a factory of sorts. The Batman Movie logo is pretty snazzy, and subtly busy, on the upper left. There are three characters included; Batman, Security Guard, and Mr.Freeze.


The back of the box contains more action, with Mr.Freeze being placed into his mech, Batman enjoying a Save-the-Day beverage, SG being trapped, and the shooting feature of Mr.Freeze's cold cannon (which falls far from being the coolest thing about this set).


The underside of the box contains standard LEGO Legal, but also hints at a new range for LEGO Digital, called LEGO Life. Upon checking the link [], you are directed to a whimsical page geared towards [younger] fans. Yes, I'll still download it and probably use it frequently. The LEGO Life App promo is currently exclusive to the UK, but shows a 2017 target release for the U.S. and parts of Northern Europe. More information can be found at


On with the contents! I'd love to think my box wasn't an exception. Even though the instructions and [tiny] sticker sheet were loose-in-box, they present themselves as though they were sealed with a backer. The dimensions of the instruction booklet are more book-ish, with the staples being along what we see as the top, so when turned sideways, it holds in your hands like a small book - without the long overflaps of days past. It's also similar to the box size. The 76 pages measure [as we see the image] just shy of 5" Tall and 6 5/8" Long. Held in the same orientation, the box internally measures a shy 5 ½" Tall and 10 1/8" Long. With two bags of parts as padding, there really wasn't much room for movement, and running the spine with the length of the box prevented curl under shifting bags.



Before we move on to parts, allow me to break a barrier. There are a lot of new sets out, and we all want something exciting. Facing the obvious new elements and recolours within the CITY theme, part of me turned and picked up this set because of the Medium Blues, and Mr.Freeze's head. A bigger part of me, was highly intrigued as to the fin shapes seen below the Mech Torso, and above the hips. I just couldn't figure it out. Make it through the jargon and number details, and your patience will be rewarded, I promise. This set is a relative goldmine for new elements and recolours!

In BAG 1 you will find a wide assortment. Starting in the lower left, and moving counterclockwise:


2x Yellow Utility Belts – Because you shouldn't rely on just one.

8x Sand Green - BRICK 1X1 W. 1 KNOB [TLG]/Brick, Modified 1 x 1 with Stud on 1 Side [BL]. This is 1 more than 2013's EwokVillage, and 1 less than 2012's Haunted house. You do use all eight, but if you're not concerned about a bad view from the back, you can swap the two behind the computer for a more common color.

3x Red Brick, Round 1 x 1 d. 90 Degree Elbow - No Stud - Type 2 - Axle Hole[BL]. This is the first time we are seeing this element in Red, with hopefully more to follow. The ratio is also higher, per piece, than any other set for any previous color, except the Light Bluish Gray in the Caterham, which gets 5.

2x Iceblocks. We've seen these before, and will get more with the upcoming Frozen sets. Still not a bad part to have, in my opinion.

1x Black Minifig, Weapon Gun, Blaster with Recessed Studs on Sides and Inside Axle Holder [BL]. These were new for 2016, and this is only the 5th set to include one.

In Bag 2, the joy continues, in mostly Medium Blue! Starting in the lower left, and moving counterclockwise (Mech Body will be posted last):


2x Translucent Hose, Flexible Ribbed with 8mm Ends, 10L with BlueCenter Pattern [Not Yet Official]. The Element ID is #6173148. Think FLEX HOSE 19M W/3. 18 STICK CO -INJ. [TLG]/Hose, Flexible Ribbed with 8mm Ends, 19L with BlueCenter Pattern [BL]. Again, this version is shorter, at 10L, and has slightly different linkage ends than it's 19L counterpart. Those are noted in a separate picture. I really like the amount of color variation in dual moulded parts, such as these.

1x Medium Blue Respirator and Shoulder pads[?] It holds Design #27148, and Element ID #6177648. It will more than likely be filed with all the others in Minifig, Body Wear, under the primary title of Minifig, Armor Breastplate with Shoulder Pads[BL].

2x Medium Blue Fists with Hole, Design #27329, Element ID #6171827. While these elements seem familiar to me, I can't track them down for other inventories. They closely resemble Fists #11092 Hand Gorilla Fist[BL], but utilizing a different type of connection.

3x Medium Blue Slope 30 1x1x2/3

4x Medium Blue Corner Tiles. Design #14719. FLAT TILE CORNER 1X2X2 [TLG]/Tile 2 x 2 Corner [BL].

5x Medium Blue FLAT TILE 1X1, ROUND [TLG]/Tile, Round 1 x 1 [BL]. These  were only previously available in 2015's Wicked Witch and Winged Monkey Dimensions Fun Pack.

An assortment of Medium Blue Plates.

1x Dark Bluish GrayMECH Body. It holds Design #27168, and Element ID #6166882. ***As an interesting note on this element and others, the Copyright ID indicates finalization in 2015. This is yet another great indicator of the lengthy process, and previous knowledge, the LEGO Designers go through to prepare sets for the public. Whether or not it was designed specifically for this set, this element has had a lot of thought put into it, and was created to meet specifications we aren't even aware of. ***  I don't even know where to begin the dimensions of this part, but take a listen to the key details.

Ball socket to Ball Socket is 6L.


The previously mentioned fin detail at the bottom is the structural support that holds half of a TECHNIC Pin, allowing for a sturdy connection and a 360 degree central hip rotation.


The main facade is 7 ½ plates tall. Flush up top, the bottom lends the ½, as indicated by the single bracket.


The internal height is 2 Bricks/6 Plates.


The top runs flush left to right for a standard 2x4 rectangle, but runs ½ thicker on the front. Similar to what a bracket adds outside of a structure.


Using a series of Bricks, Plates, and Brackets, it's possible to support a plate at a height that is level to the top of the Ball Joint. This could come in handy for any design necessitating a concealed joint.


A few nonessential details like implied pistons and raised edges certainly add to the mechanical look, and keep it from being plain.There are also two Horizontal clips on the [implied] back.




Batman and Security Guard Minifigures . Contents for Factory Setting.

Batman has a muscular front torso, and definably printed back. He's also got a Utility Belt! The Security Guard also features a printed front and back. While not excessively detailed, I think the simple line around the collar, and slight sectioning of the leather belt are quite nice little details. Both characters feature dual printed faces. The guard has a stern "I'm Guarding" face, and a "I'm froooooooozen!" face. Both sides have a brilliant moustache printed. 

Batman features the now popular "I'm Batman!" smirk, and the "I'm fighting" scowl. In a shift away from the newer Batman sets, his cowl has moved back to tall and pointy, as was standard for The LEGO Movie. His cape is the soft, cottony fabric, instead of the more crisp canvas-like material. He gets a neat little Flame Gun [Pea Shooter] to combat the much larger freezing arsenal.


The contents of bag one produce a hinged ice-block:


A well executed, yet simpler, update to Aquamans entrapment in 76000| Arctic Batman vs. Mr.Freeze: Aquaman on Ice. They also produce a small factory setting: Some valves, the top of a container, a computer workstation, RED/GREEN Lever, and a hinged portion to provide some dimension.


Two [of three] stickers are used in this process: One for the computer screen, the other is for a larger pressure gauge. Neither of them is specific to Batman, and would look great in any industrial setting. As a word of caution, the 2x2 Round Tile used for the pressure gauge has the cross pattern in back, NOT the circle. While it's a tight fit for fingers, the best sticker application comes AFTER ensuring the tile is squarely in place, giving bearing on true top/bottom. As many have stated previously, the new elbow tubes work wonders for enhancing industrial settings, and they really give some fresh perspective to this tiny diorama. Curiously, on the back edge of the main wall, you will place a Brick, Modified 1 x 2 with Vertical Clip. It serves no direct purpose within this single set, and doesn't stand in the way of any moving components, but it does serve to expand a battle scene from other sets from the movie.


For now, it could also be used as the Guard's secret mug storage.


Mr. Freeze, Ice Cannon, & Ice Mech

Even though I never completely followed the characters, Mr.Freeze has almost always been one of my favorites. Sorry Arnold, not you. The accordion type ridges on his body armor, as well as some facial elements, are reminiscent to the character from Batman the Animated Series. However, I most particularly enjoy the individual monocle style lenses over his eyes, opposed to the goggles or sunken in appearance. His printed torso and legs are also top notch! With multiple colors of Blues, Silvers, White, and details such as hoses, a waist belt, knee pads, and boot patterns on the toes. Once the shoulder pads are in place, and the head properly on, a top-down view will show two rings that form a nice little gap that snugly grabs onto the Trans-Clear dome for his helmet. He comes with a giant freeze cannon, that contains all types of attachments. While Mr.Freeze is able to us the weapon as a standing assistant, it's much better suited to his Mech.




The Mech Body is complex, in the simple kind of  way. Functional may be a better word. There are a massive 17 points of articulation[!!], and 11 of those have 360 capability. (An honest 9 if you don't count the Pin and Ball socket in the wrist, twice. The friction of the socket is greater than that of the pin, so while the hand can completely rotate, the ball joint in the wrist won't achieve any rotational movement, just the pin connection. A spare ball on the hip connection would allow for an 18/12 ratio, should you care to add provisional accoutrements to his rear.[/img]

One thing I started doing with Mixels was to search how well they balanced in odd forms. With all the articulating points, it takes time, but you're not limited to simple poses. The "Monkey Dance" is always a good basis for extensive movement, but you can also get him to kneel. Notice you don't have to have his knee touch [nor will it] to make him balance in this manner. His arms and legs are a little bare, but its certainly nothing that would deter me from picking up the set.


Overall, I really enjoyed the building process, and the amount of character that is packed into all the little things.



Cost - 5/5 – While it certainly falls into the $0.10/pc category, there is the deception of little elements. There are lots of little elements, but there are excessive new colors, and large elements, to consider.

Playability - 5/5 – EVERYTHING MOVES! With the exception of the Guards Pistol, and turning the little flame in Batman's gun, every other part of this set has some sort of moving component. There are numerous ways to change up your play process on this set.

For more pictures detailing the set, as well as my other builds, head this way. Thanks for reading!

Edited by LEGO Ink

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Nice review! It's always good to see more pictorial reviews in the licensed forum, as they seem to be getting rarer and rarer.

Your pictures are much cleaner than mine and I can't even come close to competing with your parts knowledge. :laugh:

Great job! :thumbup:

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Very nice review. I was never into the super heroes theme, but now I've read this review, I might buy this set. Even if it was for only for some of the new pieces. 

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