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[MOC] Wrench and HARVey

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“In a post-apocalyptic world, there are many in need of repairs. When the environment for such repairs becomes too extreme, people find themselves creating new tools for the job. 
Meet Wrench and her High Altitude Repair Vehicle (lovingly nicknamed HARVey). This unbreakable team is the go to for any maintenance work high above the ground. They specialize in repairs on big airship that are mid-flight and what tall buildings remained in the ravaged landscapes.”

This MOC was made with the intention of building a really solid but fun mech. The entire build is quite rigid and makes for a fun toy. The only exceptions are the rotor blades attached by the clips, something that can easily be replaced by a normal rotor piece. I just love the look of these too much. 


Wing and rotor deployment function.


Wrench, the pilot.

Some more pictures here!

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Wow, so vibrant, so much details, so cartoonish (very positively), + clever mechanism for flight mode... I really love it! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

If a post-apocalyptic world will be populated with such things, than I can not wait for the burn of the human society! :pir-grin:

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