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Good day!

Today I present you my newest MOC - ProLaps Golf Caddy (Cart) from GTA V .

I wanted to build this vehicle since May of this year when I first seen it in a video, but newer got into starting it. I used reference pictures from GTA wiki . Not 100% accurate, but I tried my best on it. 

Propelled by 1x m-motor without diff and 1:166 gear ratio ; steered by another m-motor with working steering wheel. Powered by a large BB and cotrolled by a V1 receiver. 

Video coming soon .  Scroll down for video





Bricksafe gallery

My LDD is glitching a lot , so I don't know if the digital model will ever be finished. 

Thanks for reading, I hope to hear your opinion on it :classic:

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Added video

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58 minutes ago, LvdH said:

Simple,but I like it a lot! Do you have an approximate parts count?

Thanks!  The part count is ≈600-750 parts judging from progress in LDD

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