GRICKS Lugnet - 3-axle Coach - Setra Top Class 500

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hmm, in my opinion too narrow to even fit next to 4 wide cars - at least 5 wide would be needed for a vehicle of that size so it doenst look deformed. Apart from that, it has the classic appeal using the rather "old" parts here and there... Any certain reason this is built in 4 wide? i bet this wouldnt have been a problem doing in 6 wide? can u tell us more about your decision building it like that?


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Hi Ron,

Building this coach and all the rest of my humble 4 and 5-wide vehicles in this width is due to the fact that I love the majority of the old 4-wide Lego sets from the 80s and the Classic Town theme. Especially the cars, trucks and the vehicles in general. Plus those oldies fit much better than the City 6-wides on the lego roads.

In fact although I completely understand the necessity of expanding the the Classic Town width to the City theme from 4 to 6-wide due to multiple reasons, I still try to build my mocs using a combination of 4, 5 and up to 6-wide (mainly on the superstructures of the trucks, such as tippers, tankers etc).

Old habits die hard and Classic Town rules.. hahaha..

Have a great day! :-)

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