Lego Collectible Minifigures, Custom minifigs and Disscusion

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Here are some cool minifigs! :) I will try to update this page every week! :classic:

Week 1

imgres.jpgImage url:

Week 2 sorry the image just image has some sorta problem!

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After not touching Lego in many years, bought a large cup of pick-a-bricks to get parts to build a non-toy related stand. Saw many new elements and mini figures. Bought a few polybags and small boxed sets to get a few DC and Marvel characters. Suddenly developed Lego mini figure fever. Bought the 31039 Blue Power Jet (F-35 lookalike), and need to select an appropriate pilot for the cockpit.

Not wanting the mini figures to be exposed to dust, etc., looked into mini figure display stands. Was surprised by how expensive the display cases are. I'd rather spend that money on more sets or mini figures instead.

I was going to try to use a 6x12 plate to mount 4 mini figures on each side and put a plastic cup over it. Instead, I came up with this:

DIY Lego mini figure stand made out of empty DVD-R 100ct spindle.

It had a blank black plastic disc, so I'm using that as the platform for the 2nd level, which is supported by a square column (9 brick height) made of 1x4 bricks and 1x6 or 1x8 bricks at the top and 2x2 bottom slope bricks. On the first level, I can fit 3 mini figures on a 2x6 plate and have 12 figures on the bottom level. I'm guessing I can fit 20 figures on the 2nd level.

The bad thing is the clear spindle cover seems to be polypropylene, so not as see thru clear. The good thing is it's stackable, didn't cost extra money, didn't require drilling any holes. If I can reduce the width of the support column or eliminate the need for it, I can fit more figures on the bottom level.

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