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Settlement: Montario, Nellisa, Eslandola

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Settlement Name: Montario

Settlement Size: Hamlet

Ownership: Eslandola

Location: Nellisa (middle of northern coast)

Mayor: Román Esteban Fontonajo - @Elostirion (interim)

Who can own property in Montario: Anyone, from any faction. (Please stick with the style of the city)

Who can freebuild in Montario: Anyone, from any faction. (Please stick with the style of the city)

Fortifications: Within the protection radius of the Royal Fortress of Nova Terreli



Founded in 616 AE by Román Fontonajo as the seat of the government of Nellisa, an Eslandolan colony, Montario
has always been a settlement dedicated to the wealthy and powerful people of colonial Eslandola.

With Fontonajo's Governor's Palace at the edge of town, both wealthy merchants or businessmen and influential
or aspiring politicians have come to the town. Many of them only own a secondary house in Montario, which they
visit whenever it's neccessary. However many people have moved to the town permanently.

Houses are generally high-class, as are all other establishments. There is little industry in the town, however there
is an extraordinary focus on things like art, culture or education. Commerce takes place not only in warehouses
but also in gardens, parks or on town squares.

Montario is neither crowded nor hectic - it's a level-headed city of the successful people of Nellisa and colonial
Eslandola in general.


Current Properties:

Total Freebuilds: 5

Residence: 3 pts. (1x Viceroy's Palace, 1x Medium)

Commerce: 2 pts. (1x Large)

Plantation: 1 pt. (1x Medium)

Total license points: 6 pts.


Properties owned by Montario:

Fir Tree Plantation (medium plantation), buyback-right for Elostirion

Total: 15 DBs monthly revenue



40 DBs from Elostirion, in December 616 AE, 10% monthly interest rate, not paid back yet

Total: 40 DBs borrowed, 4 DBs monthly interest


Also see the Montario Index.


Please post any free-builds that take place in Montario in this thread.

If you want to license a piece of property in Montario , you must post in this thread and fill out the web form.

Note that if you are not Eslandian, your property is subject to confiscation by the Eslandolan government should a dire emergency arise.


Map of Nellisa:





- Royal: Governor's Palace, with Guesthouse (part of the palace)

- Medium: Merchant's House (Medium Residence)



- Large: Warehouse (Large Commerce)



- Medium: Fir Tree Plantation

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Public Announcement: The town of Montario has made a loan towards the Eslandolan Grand Ambassador Román Fontonajo. Loan sum is 500 DBs, the monthly interest rate is 2%. The loan will be repaid at the latest in January 619 AE, or earlier. All taxes will be paid with the return of the loan.

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