The Burrow

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Hello! I want to present to you my newest MOC dedicated to the HP universe.

Some characteristics: hуight - more then 50 cm; pieces - more then 3000; building time - about 10 days.





The back of the model is realy boring. That's because I have not  found the images of it.







Sorry for the quality of the two next pictures. My camera have broken down, so I used my phone.





There is an interior inside some rooms.


























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Bravo! One of the better Burrows I've seen. You can definitely see the 10-day effort in the details on not only the interior but the exterior aswell. Really like the plank look on the outside!

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Yup, that looks about right. I can't stand those friggin' books anymore due to the way she phoned in the last one (and cashed in on the play/script whatever the Cursed Child was), but that in no way detracts from the excellent work here, particularly on the interior. I want to say the outside could use something more... plants? Dilapidated siding? Something. It just looks a bit too clean. I kind of imagine the Burrow not only being half tumbled down, but also shrouded in vines and unkempt shrubbery. 

That side with the ladder leaning against it and basically no windows just screams "COVER ME IN IVY!"

Alternatively, you could also accomplish the same effect by edging in some stonework in places - sort of remnants from older incarnations of the structure that have been replaced over time by less expensive wood.

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