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LEGO Batman fanfilm, "Pants, man!"

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This was my first stop-motion project in, literally, (30+) years.

A few benefits of using LDD:

1) Easy to reset "the world" to a previous position either with CTRL+Z or a saved file. You can even test what a movement looks like with CTRL+SHIFT+Z and CTRL+Z, like how a hand-animator looks through a series of drawings on several pages.

2) Smoother zooming and tracking using the on-screen rotate & zoom controls.

3) Easier to hide the supports for mid-air parts positioning and easier to just build things in mid-air, too, in the virtual world. In this video, when Batman and Man-Bat are tussling and tumbling in mid-air, falling to the rooftop, they are traveling down the studded pathway of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) 1xN plates that's been angled to trace a falling path.

4) Don't need a large inventory of LEGO. I guess I could've built a more detailed city, but my old computer was starting to noticeably slow down when the "sets" got more parts-intensive, so I made the movie "sets" simpler.

I used Windows Movie Maker to assemble the screen-caps into a movie, and to add sound.  The musical soundtrack is a simple ditty I made up.  I tried to make it sound Batman-ish, without actually playing a Batman theme.

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