Cars from Micro Dream Race

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Cars from Micro Dream Race is a series I created for my brickfilm. I made it for Porsche and LEGO contest. Have you seen it? No? Now you got chance! Read more


Micro-Dream-Race-Cars-02.jpg Micro-Dream-Race-Cars-03.jpg Micro-Dream-Race-Cars-04.jpg Micro-Dream-Race-Cars-05.jpg Micro-Dream-Race-Cars-06.jpg Micro-Dream-Race-Cars-07.jpg Micro-Dream-Race-Cars-08.jpg Micro-Dream-Race-Cars-09.jpg Micro-Dream-Race-Cars-10.jpg

Bigger photos and full story here:
LEGO Gallery - Cars from Micro Dream Race

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Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog  - Bricks' Treasure.

Edit, the movie:


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