[MOC] Cold War ships, 1:350

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On 10.02.2017 at 5:40 PM, drclark said:

Love the ships!  Are you doing "exact" 1/350 scale or best approximation with LEGO pieces?

I have found that 1 stud = 10 ft is roughly 1/380 scale.  Doing ships at this scale requires creative building techniques to achieve desired form/shape. And there are always compromises in getting the details sized correctly.  

I noticed the inveted 1x1 "with tooth" pieces used to paired with another 1x1 to represent a small boat on a few of the models.  I thought that was a really creative use of that part for that particular detail!

If LEGO could get over their issue with "contemporary military vehicles", I think a line of ships at this scale (similar to the architecture series) would be a good seller.  They could do 1 or 2 a year mixing up commercial cargo ships and military ships both modern and historic vessels.  There are plenty of museum ships that these type of sets might sell well in gift shops, etc.


Thanks for the feedback!

I carefully measure the dimensions of ships based on the blueprints or drawings available online. Of course, it is difficult to sustain all the parts of the ship in scale 1:350. But each ship has elements that define its appearance. I try to reproduce as close as possible to the original, even to the detriment of the scale - usually they get a little bigger than necessary to comply with the proportions. About a series of sets LEGO - I think it would be a great idea. I don't really understand "pacifism" of LEGO in relation to historical military equipment. In my opinion their series about monsters or Bionicle much stronger develop cruelty in children. And while they are preparing something like a virtual naval Museum :-)

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On 20.11.2017 at 11:52 PM, LEGO Train 12 Volts said:

Wonderful ships and amazing pictures!:wub:

You've done an impressive work! :thumbup:

Thank you! I saw Your gallery on the Brickshelf - gorgeous trains!

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These are awesome! Could you maybe help me to do a 1:144? I want to do the SS suffren. I have a model I bought from someone and began rebuilding. It's meant to be completely remote control and have a fire control system for battle. I'd like a lego version for my collection. I can get pictures and scale blue prints. I have no idea how to choose pieces. Also.... I have no pieces.

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Updated its model cruiser pr. 1123 "Condor". He was able to get the necessary amount of dark green tiles to recreate the desired color of the flight deck. Also changed a number of little things.




On 3/2/2018 at 4:24 PM, goalieboy82 said:

are you going to do any new ships.


At this scale has not yet planned. I'm gradually improving the old digital models. Now do boats in scale 1: 700 - to squadron can be was to place on the table ))

On 3/13/2018 at 12:06 AM, LM71Blackbird said:

I do like well built micro builds! Great job replicating those ships in such small form!

Thank You!

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On 12/2/2018 at 11:41 PM, pagicence said:

@seaman there are some cool ones in the World of Warships online game (real world ships), you should check them out. Maybe you will add some of them to your frigate.

World of Warships? I have built cruiser of project 68, scroll above in the topic. Maybe I'll do more later. But I'm more interested in ships of a later era.

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