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In search of the lost treasure (comic story at modular set)

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   Do you like stories about secret rooms, hidden maps, the secret signs and ancient treasures?
   I will tell you one such story.
   Once upon a time lived a famous architect. He even built palaces for kings. He was fabulously rich and famous. He was very fond of gold and jewels. And all the money he spent on them. But when he died, left a very strange Testament.
   The old architect wrote in his testament that he hid all his gold and jewels. The map and the key to the treasure he left for storage to the Admiral Carl Jonson who was a close friend of the architect.
   It seems that everything is simple. But the admiral died 10 years earlier than the architect. Therefore, it is impossible to ask the Admiral, where the treasures are hidden.
   People says that the treasure has not yet been found.
   Maybe you can find them?
   Good luck!

   So I made a little comic about a treasure hunt.


This story happened on this pedestrian street. If you want to see all  images of this set, please click here:


If you liked the story and the set, please SUPPORT this project on!


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