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[O-H04] The Fruit of Knowledge

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Tags: Civil Building, Science

Planet:  deep within the bowels of Crofter's Ridge


30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "Hello, Dr. Long. You look well."


30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg " I'm fine, Dr. Bernier. You're looking slender. Have you lost weight?"


30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Here, I brought you an apple. You really must eat."

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "I'm not hungry, but thank you for the offer."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "That was not an offer."

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "I've already eaten..."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Not according to your guard you haven't. Eat the apple. I want to watch you eat the apple." 

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "I... no.. I can't. I won't."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Look. I need you healthy right now. We are at the cusp of a breakthrough. You showed me this. your experiments with these psychic children could open doors we never even knew were locked. You know this, don't you? I need you to hold on to whatever it is that motivates you... because Octan needs you. Think of the profits your work will bring to us when we have teams of special forces operatives capable of reading minds and practing telekenisis.... Think of the glory you'll garner yourself if we manage to generate permanent Gravitational Anomolies sustained by merely the will of a psychic worker... or a machine capable of mimicing the electrochemical power of a psychic brain...  you'll be as famous as Rhumkomf and Brikowski! Think of the Knowledge you will uncover in your research. You'll pioneer a whole new uncharted field and discover not only how these "psychic" brains actually work, but why we've only recently come across them. Has Andromeda itself had a hand in this mutation? We don't know... but you could help us figure this out.... Or instead think simply of the order[I/] we can impose on the galaxy with this power. Just imagine a galaxy under complete control of our benevolent corporation's forward thinking and efficient oversight... But whatever it is that keeps you going..."


30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "We all need to eat to live."

*Five tense minutes later*


30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "That wasn't so hard, was it? Now. Take your pills, then tell me what you've found out about Ms. Kolai from the data I gave you.."


30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Feeling better?"

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "Yes... So... the data you gave me on Patient Kolai... it was very strange. It is similar to the thought patterns that individuals exposed to Subject Three for prolonged periods of time displayed. She is likely experiencing altered perceptions of reality..."

 30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "What did we learn from subject three?"

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "Not much, I'm afraid. Subject Three vanished along with Subject Ten during "the Incident.""

 30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Yes. A tragedy that. At least all involved had signed their waivers. That alone saved us from millions in legal fees."

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "But Subject Three was next in line to undergo the test. he was a class I Reality Warper."


 30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "I think, then, that we may still get our test in. I'm Greenlighting Project Birthday Boy. this is exactly what I wanted to hear."


 30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "SK-M0, Inform CEO Pombe that it is time. We're going to see if Corporate's dream can be made reality. If anyone can do it, it's him."


~Insectoid Aristocrat


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Really nice build, but the highlight once again is the story. You are absolutely my favorite storyteller in AG, Danny. Please keep it up, I can't wait to see how the story ends!

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