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[K-A04] Shield Liger

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Location - A04 Mynderis

Tags: Exploration, spaceship, land vehicle



Finally I have found an organoid that I have bonded with.  He is fierce in combat and looks after me well.  We are now leading an expeditionary force to Mynderis, accompanied by a Kawashita landslug and a raven


[the 2 background vehicles are only there for the points but I am quite pleased with the shield liger.  It has more points of articulation than the D-style shield liger that I was copying, and is accurate in its internal structure with a big range of motion for the neck.  Quite robust too, apart form the front shoulder joints]






[edit: couple of bonus shots]




Edited by robuko
bonus pictures

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Cool mech/alien and NPU on the spaceship.
(now I have to nag on the location. Mynderis is A04 while A06 is Guivevere)

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