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Ok mates. After the effort I put forth over the last few weeks of long hours and little sleep, including a couple of 40 hour all-nighters, I spent the las two days passed out and exhausted. Though I did make some compromises to get things together in time it was a successful venture. The people at the museum seemed appreciative and I note I’m in good company at the exhibition as well.


So, what happened?

After having been approached by the museum curator about renewing my interest in participating in the Engineering Brick Art exhibit this began a renewed effort to finish and prepare my fleet for public display. Perhaps I shouldn’t have volunteered so enthusiastically, but I promised 6 of my ship models and their crews, one of which (Reckless) wasn’t anywhere near complete. I dedicated all my free time for a couple of weeks, until it became apparent that I still wasn’t going to make the deadline. At that point preparing the fleet became my primary occupation. The four smaller sloops were easily made ready, Reckless and nonesuch were significant hurdles. Nonesuch never quite made the mark. I planned to compromise with paper sails, if only for this exhibition, but simply ran out of time. Reckless was only made ready once certain compromises were accepted. No doubt she would have been more complete if not for the setback referenced above where her entire rig collapsed and became entangled. I had been trying to install a pair of blocks, I wound up not even using, near the mast head when the wrong brick came loose. The cascade started with the shrouds falling free and culminated with mast exploding in to at least three major pieces. The repairs cost me at least 2 days. Because she lacks a flying jib, which still sits 90% stitched on my desk. I did successfully redress and assemble all their crews. All ships all survived the 2hr drive unharmed and intact. The only hitch was the missing fluke on Reckless’s anchor, which it turns out was under the desk at home. I arrived at the museum several hours late, having worked through the night and well past my scheduled departure, but was politely received and granted access and privilege to set up to my heart’s content. In the end, though I sincerely wanted to sign off on Reckless as done, there are quite a few things I imagine I’ll be looking to correct when she returns home again. Though I’m sure my display will be well received, I still don’t feel it was a complete success and am taking away a valuable lesson about volunteering what isn’t already prepared.


Enough of all that, right? We wanna see pictures!

Very well the mates, here you go. Some of them are kinds of terrible, but it’s what I had time to capture.


Here’s an over view of her on display.




Bringing up the rear.




The sailing Master gives some pointers on holding course to a quartermaster’s mate.




The master gunner takes charge of a guncrew.




Some topmen being sent aloft to tend sail.




Captain Haldon instructs Mr. Midshipman Burrows on celestial navigation




A close up of some of the rigging.




Another where you can see the disused blocks that caused all the trouble.





There are as always a lot more images here. Many just aren’t up to snuff. You’d really do yourselves a favor just going through the album on your own if you really want to take her all in. thanks for the interest and support. She’s not due back till February, at which point I hope to grab better images if for nothing more than posterity.


For now, I'm pretty burnt out. I think I'll take a break from ship building for a while.




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Truly remarkable and definitely worth the effort. Always love the use of the tiny wheels for the pulleys. 

It's always great fun to watch the huge creativity Lego modelers have, always pushing the boundaries of lego. These vessels are examples of a certain style I am most fond of, and I hope to see more of you. A brig or a simple 20 gun sloop would be a big present for me to see you do one. I think that's a true challenge in rigging but certainly a fun one. 

It's time to get some more ships into this lego genre, and they have to follow this standard.

Also, great job on the commander hat. It's a must have item, hehe.

Well done. 

- Edward

Edited by Captain Edward

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It’s good to have em home again.



Yesterday was the last day of the exhibit, so Reckless, Nonesuch and the fleet are home safe.


I took some more (better?) images before breaking down the display. Check them out here.

At some point i plan to drag Reckless here out into the natural light for a shoot, but there are few things to fix first.


Also had the chance to meet @ACPin while doing a “meet and greet” on Saturday, great guy.


@Captain Edward Such glowing support. Thanks!

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