[MOC] Renault 5 turbo rally V1.0

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Some kind of version 1.0


  • HOG steering
  • also steering wheel is usable
  • steering with good steering geometry
  • something like Ackermann geometry
  • some basic interior with two sporty seats
  • spare tire in front
  • very fake engine, axle runs trough it, connected to wheels trough diffrential
  • all doors openable (front, sides, rear)

Some pictures (it's snowing in my default photo studio)







to do:

  • rebuild C and A pillars, so that roof is not leaning forward
  • maybe doors, so that they are lockable or something like this
  • some good pictures
  • maybe stickers

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Hi Jurss

Great work so far! The only thing I'm not 100% sure on is the front end, which I imagine wasn't easy to build

I'll be following to see how the modifications turned out.

Also, happy new year! :sweet:

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