[MOC] Mini AT-ST MOC and my MOD of 75153

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I finally completed my quest for the famous star-wars vehicles and added the nice new 75153 AT-ST

I imediately modded it to fit two pilots (like we all do ;o). Then I thought, why not accompany it by a smaller version and got the 75130 Micro Fighter............but didn't like it very much. So I started to change it.....

After several hours came up with this result:

(Which doesn't have more then maybe 10 pieces of the 75103 left ;o) 

30182690884_a5c9a4a18c_o.jpgAT-ST x2 01 1200 by misupix, auf Flickr



It has three leg joints and a swivel head.

30182687484_538d94f583_o.jpgAT-ST x2 02 1200 by misupix, auf Flickr


Here's a shot comparing the proportions:

30513651580_5df85d6d72_o.jpgAT-ST x2 03 1200 by misupix, auf Flickr


And another family-portrait:

30726308161_931882dc44_o.jpgAT-ST x2 05 1200 by misupix, auf Flickr



Here's my version of the 75153 Interior:

30182679074_1f753b506c_o.jpgAT-ST x2 04 1200 by misupix, auf Flickr

30778247936_2b4893b8ac_o.jpgAT-ST x2 06 1200 by misupix, auf Flickr


I'm still looking for a way to add more movability to the legs of the 75153 (add two more joints, but haven't found a practical way to do it. I don't have many lego-technic-pieces to try things out. So I appreciate every hint how to do it.

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Nice small sized AT-ST. Good joints)

For big model you can use technic ball joints like


and use this connector to make leg harder and stable 53586.png

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