I love Chrome figures!

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I've just struck a great partnership deal with a company i met at BRICK Live 2016.

I can now get my grubby mitts on all manner of chromed LEGO figures and parts.. so I've been enjoying myself printing some chromed figures.. 

Looking for opinions, comments and suggestions for other designs that you'd love to see!

Here's a few of the ones I've done so far.

Thanks :)








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These look beautiful! As for suggestions, there's always a gold chrome lightsaber hilt, chrome Iron Man, chrome R2, and maybe chrome Jango. Heck, a chrome Batman cowl would look great. I also once saw someone who made a chrome classic space fig... Honestly, pretty much anything looks good in chrome.

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yeah, ive got a chrome iron man on the way ;)
also, looking at doing a batman, fully chrome figure :)

the classic space figures ive actually done before, but using a lego chrome not sure if im allowed to use the lego space logo though, so will need to look into that.

The ones ive done so far ive designed from scratch myself, so i know im ok with them lol


The lester one has been really popular, along with the regular version i do aswell..this one - 



Thanks for the other suggestions! ill look into those and see what i can come up with, i like the sound of a chrome R2D2! and Jango!

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On 11/9/2016 at 7:58 PM, dan76 said:

How do you print designs on chrome?

I have a digital UV printer, it prints directly onto the lego parts.

Ive just started a great arrangement with a company that chromes the figures, so ive gone a bit chrome mad lol


heres some new ones ;)


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On 11/18/2016 at 0:26 AM, RM0B said:

I wanna buy the deadpool one or iron man

Hey, apologies for the dealy in response..


The deapool is available to buy from my website :)

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