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Hey Everyone


  Long time member, though I usually post my MOCs on the Technic page.  This time I chose to do something different. 



Long time lover of mini and micro builds, thought I would do something with those that I have either built myself, or are official sets, or have been built by others.  This video tells most you need to know of this MOC:



Quickly, there are six levels to the orrery-like build.   Each level has LEGO Mini or Micro builds displaying some scene from the movies.  For example, the second and third highest levels are Sebula and Anakin racing each other:

14780590311_SPLASH.jpg  And the other levels  have other stories as well. 

The base has many details, and carries more micro and mini builds.  All in all, 13 micros and minis were used.  








Check out this main page for more details:


Thanks for taking a look!



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6 hours ago, frikandeloorlog said:

well done, all that is running of one motor?

Thanks everyone for the kind words.... it was a lot of fun to make. 


And yes, all ran from one, M PF motor. 

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