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[SR-FB1 Oct] Water Torture

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"Talk!" shouted Li.

BoBS Interrogation

"Tell me where the treasure is!" Li continued.

When word had reached Captain Li that they had missed out on capturing the treasure fleet, he was all ready to kill the whaler captain they had captured. But the whaler said he also might know of a buried treasure, apart from the treasure fleet. To ensure he was getting all of the pertinent information out of the whaler, Li was using a little forceful encouragement on the captain.

BoBS Interrogation

"If you lie to me," continued Li, "I'll know it and next time I won't pull your head out of the water in time."

The man blubbered like the whaler he was and soon the crew of The Viper were off.

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Pirate Noir indeed! :O

Cool little ship interior and very dramatic story! And from the next build, I see that he got the information he was looking for...

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